Velas Beach: Best Time To Visit

Velas Beach: In the Indian state of Maharashtra, in the Ratnagiri district, is Velas Beach, a stunning and remote beach. The beach is well-known for its tranquil atmosphere, clean waves, and fine, white sand. For those who want to unwind in the midst of nature and get away from the bustle of city life, it is the ideal destination.

Along with its natural beauty, Velas Beach is well-known for being an Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting area. Every year between November and March, these turtles come to the shore to lay their eggs. Every year, to commemorate this occasion, the Velas Turtle Festival is conducted, and guests can see the hatching of turtle eggs and the release of hatchlings into the ocean.

The Bankot Fort, the Harihareshwar Temple, and the picturesque Ambolgad Hill are some of the nearby attractions to Velas in addition to the beach and turtle festival. In conclusion, Velas Beach is a must-visit location for nature lovers, beach lovers, and anyone seeking a tranquil and restorative vacation.

Water sports Velas beach

As an Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting area, Velas Beach is not particularly well-known for its water sports offerings. At Velas Beach, visitors can partake in the following activities:

Swimming: Velas Beach’s crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming. But before going swimming, it’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of the tide times.

Beach volleyball: Beach volleyball is a popular sport that guests can play with friends and family on the fine, white sand.

Boating: Visitors can rent a boat and cruise on the calm Bankot Creek in the area.

fishing: At Velas Beach, fishing is a favourite pastime of the locals. Visitors have the option of participating in fishing or simply watching locals fish in traditional boats.

Turtle watching: As was already reported, Olive Ridley sea turtles lay their eggs on Velas Beach. During the annual Velas Turtle Festival, attendees can see the turtle eggs hatch and hatchlings released into the water.

How to reach Velas Beach

In India’s Maharashtra state’s Ratnagiri district is where Velas Beach can be found. The many methods of transportation you can use to get to Velas Beach are listed below:

By Air: The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, which is about 225 kilometres away, is the closest airport to Velas Beach. You can either take a bus or a taxi from there to Velas Beach.

By Train: Khed Railway Station, located about 45 kilometres from Velas Beach, is the closest railway station. From the train station, you can take a taxi or a bus to Velas Beach.

By Road: Velas Beach is easily accessible by car. From major Maharashtra cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Ratnagiri, you can travel by bus or by cab to get to Velas Beach. About 220 km from Mumbai and 180 km from Pune separate the beach from those cities.

Best time to visit Velas Beach

When Olive Ridley sea turtles are laying their eggs, which is between November and March, is the ideal time to visit Velas Beach. Visitors can watch the hatching of turtle eggs during this time at the annual Velas Turtle Festival, which takes place during this period.

The sea is quiet and clear throughout this period, making it perfect for swimming and other activities. The weather is good during this season, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 32 degrees Celsius.

The monsoon season, which begins in June and lasts until September, is the best time to visit Velas Beach if you would rather be in a more sedate and tranquil setting. The area is covered with lush vegetation at this time, and you can see several small waterfalls on the way to the beach. Please take note that due to strong currents and high tides, swimming and other water sports are not advised during the monsoon season.

Velas beach
Velas beach

Neared place Velas Beach

In the vicinity of  Velas Beach, which is situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India, are a number of interesting locations to explore:

Bankot Fort: Close to Velas Beach, there is an ancient fort called Bankot Fort. It is a well-liked vacation spot and provides a broad view of the Arabian Sea.

Harihareshwar: A little town called Harihareshwar is roughly 20 kilometres from Velas Beach. It is renowned for its stunning beaches, historic temples, and picturesque landscapes.

Anjarle Beach: About 10 km away from Velas Beach lies Anjarle Beach, another well-liked beach. It is well-known for its immaculate white sand, crystal-clear seas, and tranquil settings.

Ganpatipule: About 70 kilometres away from Velas Beach is the well-known pilgrimage site and tourist destination of Ganpatipule. It is well-known for its historic Ganpati temple, lovely beaches, and verdant environs.

Ratnagiri: A significant city, Ratnagiri is around 100 kilometres from Velas Beach. The region is well-known for its historical sites, stunning scenery, and Alphonso mangoes.

Stay option Velas Beach

There are few places to stay at Velas Beach because it is a small beach in a far-off hamlet. However, Velas Village, which is about 2 km from the beach, offers a number of homestay and guesthouse options. You can think about the following choices:

Velas Turtle Festival Home-Stay: During the Velas Turtle Festival, this is a well-liked home-stay option. The homestay provides standard comforts including cosy mattresses, spotless bathrooms, and home-cooked meals.

Prathmesh Niwas homestay: The affordable homestay Prathmesh Niwas is situated in Velas village. The homestay provides home-cooked meals as well as cosy accommodations with minimal facilities.

Green Gate Resort: Approximately 2 kilometres separate Green Gate Resort from Velas Beach, which is a resort that is affordable. The resort has cosy accommodations, a pool, and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Sagar Sawali Beach Resort: About 10 kilometres from Velas Beach is the mid-range Sagar Sawali Beach Resort. The resort features a restaurant, a swimming pool, and cosy rooms with all the latest facilities.

MTDC Velas Turtle Festival Resort: About two kilometres away from Velas Beach is the government-owned MTDC Velas Turtle Festival Resort. The resort has cosy accommodations, a restaurant, and both indoor and outdoor activities.


What is Velas Beach known for?

Velas Beach is known for the annual Velas Turtle Festival, which is held during the nesting season of Olive Ridley sea turtles.

Is swimming allowed at Velas Beach?

Yes, swimming is allowed at Velas Beach. However, it is recommended to swim only in the designated swimming areas and be cautious of strong currents

What is the best time to visit Velas Beach?

The best time to visit Velas Beach is between November and March, which is the nesting season of Olive Ridley sea turtles.

Are there any accommodation options near Velas Beach?

Yes, there are several homestay and guesthouse options available in Velas village, which is located about 2 km from the beach.

What are some nearby places to visit from Velas Beach?

Some nearby places to visit from Velas Beach include Bankot Fort, Harihareshwar, Anjarle Beach, Ganpatipule, and Ratnagiri.

Is it safe to visit Velas Beach during the monsoon season?

Visiting Velas Beach during the monsoon season is safe, but swimming and other water activities are not recommended due to strong currents and high tides.

What is the distance between Velas Beach and Mumbai?

The distance between Velas Beach and Mumbai is about 220 km, and it takes about 5-6 hours to reach by road.

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