Vasai Fort: History, How to Reach, Best Time to Visit

Vasai Fort, often referred to as Bassein Fort, is a medieval fort that can be seen in Vasai, a neighborhood in Maharashtra, India’s Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Early in the 16th century, the Portuguese constructed the fort, which later became a significant hub of Portuguese trade and military activities in the area.

The fort is surrounded by a moat on three sides and the Arabian Sea on the fourth, with a total size of around 110 acres. St. Michael’s Church, one of the oldest Portuguese churches in India, and the Nalasopara Gate, the fort’s main entrance, are only two of the fort’s significant attractions.

Today, the Vasai Fort is a well-liked tourist destination, and the Archaeological Survey of India is in charge of its management.

The fort’s many buildings, including the ramparts, bastions, and remnants of the palace and barracks, can all be explored by guests. The fort also provides stunning views of the sea and the countryside beyond.

History of Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort, also known as Bassein Fort, was built by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. The construction of the fort began in 1536 under the supervision of the Portuguese governor, Nuno da Cunha. It was completed in 1550 and served as a major stronghold of the Portuguese during their rule in India.

The fort was strategically located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, which made it an important center for trade and commerce. It also served as a base for the Portuguese to control the neighboring regions and protect their interests in India.

Vasai Fort

During the 17th century, the fort came under the control of the Marathas and later the British. It played a significant role in the Anglo-Maratha War of 1803-1805 when the British used the fort as a base for their military operations.

Today, Vasai Fort is a popular tourist attraction and a significant historical landmark in India. It showcases the impressive architectural skills of the Portuguese and provides a glimpse into the colonial history of India.

The fort has been declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India and is maintained by the Maharashtra state government.

How to Reach Vasai Fort

The town of Vasai, which is around 48 kilometers north of Mumbai, is where you’ll find Vasai Fort. Here are different methods for getting to Vasai Fort:

By train: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Mumbai Central stations in Mumbai have frequent trains that travel to Vasai. You can take a taxi, local bus, or auto-rickshaw from Vasai train station, which is around 4 kilometers away, to Vasai Fort.

By bus: Vasai and Mumbai are connected by a number of buses. From the Thane or Borivali bus stations in Mumbai, you can catch a state-run bus to the Vasai bus station. To go to Vasai Fort from there, use a taxi or an auto-rickshaw.

By car: From Mumbai, you can travel the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway and Western Express Highway to reach Vasai Fort. About 30 kilometers separate the fort from the Dahisar toll booth.

You can ask the locals for directions to the fort once you arrive in Vasai town. There are signs pointing to the fort from the main road, and it is close to Vasai Creek.

Best time to visit Vasai fort

The best time to visit Vasai Fort is between November and February during the winter when the temperature is comparatively moderate and pleasant.

Vasai Fort

In comparison to the summer, this time of year has mild temperatures, ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius, and reduced humidity. It may be challenging to visit the fort during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September and can be quite rainy and humid.

You can take part in some of the religious and cultural festivities that are observed in and around Vasai Fort if you go there in the winter. For instance, the January Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon draws people from all around the nation.

Additionally open around Christmas, when it is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm, is the St. Michael’s Church.

Neared place in Vasai fort 

Near Vasai Fort, there are many attractions worth checking out. Some of the top neighboring attractions are listed below:

Arnala Beach: A well-liked weekend getaway location, Arnala Beach is around 12 kilometers from Vasai Fort. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and other beach activities on this pristine, well-kept beach.

Tungareshwar National Park: About 20 kilometers from Vasai Fort, Tungareshwar National Park is a wonderful destination for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals. Leopards, barking deer, and peacocks are just a few of the animals and birds that may be seen in the park.

Suruchi Beach: Suruchi Beach is a calm, undeveloped beach that is ideal for a peaceful escape. It is situated around 14 kilometers from Vasai Fort. The beach is a wonderful location for a picnic or a stroll down the sand and gives breathtaking views of the setting sun.

Vajreshwari Temple: A prominent Hindu pilgrimage site, the Vajreshwari Temple is around 24 kilometers from Vasai Fort. The hot springs at this temple, which honors the goddess Vajreshwari, are renowned for their purported therapeutic qualities.

Jivdani Temple: Another well-liked Hindu pilgrimage site, the Jivdani Temple is situated about 20 kilometers from Vasai Fort. The temple is perched atop a hill and provides sweeping views of the valleys and hills in the area.

These are just a few of the numerous sites you can visit when you are nearby Vasai Fort.

Stay option in Vasai fort 

There are no accommodations available inside Vasai Fort itself. However, Vasai town is home to a number of hotels, guesthouses, and resorts that provide cozy and reasonably priced lodging options. Some of the well-liked choices are as follows:

The Grand Villa Resort offers cozy accommodations, a swimming pool, and other amenities, and is situated around 6 kilometers from Vasai Fort. There is a restaurant at the resort that provides Chinese and Indian food.

Rajhans Hotel & Resort: About 4 kilometers from Vasai Fort, the Rajhans Hotel & Resort offers cozy accommodations, a restaurant, and a swimming pool. The hotel also features banquet facilities and a meeting room.

Sai Residency: About 5 kilometers from Vasai Fort, Sai Residency is a guesthouse that provides tidy, comfortable accommodations at reasonable rates. There is a vegetarian restaurant inside the inn as well.

Hotel Galaxy Residency: About 6 kilometers from Vasai Fort, the Hotel Galaxy Residency offers tidy, pleasant rooms, a restaurant, and a meeting space. The hotel is conveniently close to the train station and is open to the public.

hotel Vinamra Residency: About 4 kilometers away from Vasai Fort, the hotel Vinamra Residency provides cozy accommodations as well as a restaurant and conference space. The hotel is conveniently close to the bus stop and is open to the public.

These are only a few of the numerous lodging options in and near Vasai town. You can pick the option that best fits your preferences and financial situation.

FAQ About Vasai Fort

Where is Vasai Fort located?

Vasai Fort, also known as Bassein Fort, is located in the town of Vasai in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, India.

Who built Vasai Fort?

Vasai Fort was built by the Portuguese in the early 16th century.

What is the significance of Vasai Fort?

Vasai Fort is a significant historical landmark in India as it served as a stronghold of the Portuguese during their rule in India. It is also a popular tourist attraction due to its impressive architecture and scenic location.

What are the timings of Vasai Fort?

Vasai Fort is open to visitors from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

Is there an entry fee for Vasai Fort?

Yes, there is an entry fee for Vasai Fort. The current entry fee for Indian nationals is Rs. 15 per person, while the fee for foreign nationals is Rs. 200 per person.

What are the major attractions of Vasai Fort?

Some of the major attractions of Vasai Fort include the massive stone walls, the ornate archways, the impressive ramparts, and the picturesque location near the sea.

How can I reach Vasai Fort?

Vasai Fort is easily accessible by road and rail. It is located about 50 km north of Mumbai, and there are regular trains and buses that connect Vasai to other major cities in Maharashtra. The nearest airport is Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is about 60 km away from Vasai.

Is there any accommodation available near Vasai Fort?

Yes, there are several hotels and guesthouses available in Vasai and the surrounding areas that cater to tourists.

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