Trivandrum Zoo: Timing, How to Reach, Best Time To Visit

The Trivandrum Zoo, also called the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, is a well-liked tourist destination in the Indian state of Kerala. With a history dating back to 1857 and a size of 55 acres, it is one of India’s oldest zoos.

Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, lion-tailed macaques, Nilgiri langurs, Indian elephants, as well as several bird and reptile species, are among the many animals that call the zoo home. A separate reptile house, a butterfly park, and a botanical garden are further features of the zoo.

The Trivandrum Zoo participates in endangered species conservation and breeding projects in addition to being a well-liked tourism site. Many rare and endangered species, such as the lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, and Indian rhinoceros, have been successfully reared at the zoo.

Timing in Trivandrum Zoo

Monday to Friday10:00 AM to 5:15 PM IST
Saturday-Sunday9:00 AM to 5:15 PM IST

Opening and closing Trivandrum Zoo

The Trivandrum Zoo sometimes referred to as the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, is open every weekday from Tuesday through Sunday but is closed on Mondays. The zoo is open from nine in the morning until five fifteen in the evening.

It’s crucial to remember that the ticket office shuts at 4:45 pm, so guests must arrive well before this time. Additionally, the zoo is closed on federal holidays.

To escape the heat and crowds, it is advised to visit the zoo early in the morning. The zoo is best visited during the months of October and February when the weather is colder and more comfortable.

How to reach Trivandrum Zoo

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, commonly known as Trivandrum Zoo, is situated in the center of the city and is readily reached by a variety of means of transportation. How to get to Trivandrum Zoo is as follows:

By Air: Trivandrum International Airport, which is 6.5 kilometers from Trivandrum Zoo, is the closest airport. Visitors can take a bus or a cab from the airport to get to the zoo.

By Train: The closest train station to the zoo, which is around 2.5 kilometers away, is Trivandrum Central. From the train station, visitors can take a cab or an auto-rickshaw to go to the zoo.

By Bus: Both commercial and state-run KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) buses run frequently between Trivandrum and the zoo. From anywhere in the city, visitors can take a bus to the zoo.

To get to Trivandrum Zoo, travelers can take an autorickshaw or a taxi from any location within the city.

Neared place Trivandrum Zoo

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, commonly known as Trivandrum Zoo, is situated in the center of the city and is bordered by a number of well-known tourist attractions. The following locations are some of the closest to Trivandrum Zoo:

Napier Museum: The Napier Museum is a well-known museum with a large collection of historical relics, sculptures, and bronze idols. It is close to the Trivandrum Zoo.

Kanakakunnu Palace: The Trivandrum Zoo is around 1.5 kilometers from the lovely palace known as Kanakakunnu Palace. It is now a location for cultural events and a superb specimen of traditional Keralan architecture.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple: The distance between Trivandrum Zoo and Padmanabhaswamy Temple, one of Kerala’s most well-known temples, is about 3.5 kilometers. It is a historic temple that is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is renowned for its stunning construction.

Kovalam Beach: Kovalam Beach, one of Kerala’s most well-known beaches, is around 14 kilometers from Trivandrum Zoo. It is renowned for its immaculate beaches, tranquil waters, and peaceful surroundings.

Veli Tourist Village is a well-liked tourist attraction that is about 10 kilometers from Trivandrum Zoo. It is well-known for its lovely backwaters, boating opportunities, and kids’ park.

Trivandrum Zoo

Best time to visit Trivandrum Zoo

When the weather is milder and more pleasant, between October and February is the ideal time to visit Trivandrum Zoo. The zoo may be explored by guests without feeling too hot or muggy during these months because the typical temperature ranges from 20°C to 32°C.

Inconvenient rainfall is a defining feature of Trivandrum’s weather during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. Due to the high temperatures and humidity, the summer months of March through May are also not the best times to visit the zoo.

To escape the heat and crowds, it is best to go to the zoo early in the morning. The zoo opens at 9:00 am, so visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the grounds before it becomes too busy.

Visitors should make travel arrangements in accordance with the fact that the Trivandrum Zoo is closed on Mondays and that the ticket office closes at 4:45 p.m.

Stay option trivandrum zoo

The Trivandrum Zoo, also called Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, is situated in the center of the city and is surrounded by a variety of lodging alternatives. Here are a few places to stay close to Trivandrum Zoo:

Hotels: A number of hotels that provide cozy and reasonable lodging are available close to the Trivandrum Zoo. Hotel Prasanth, Hotel Pankaj, and Hotel Magic Days are a few well-liked choices.

Guest homes: A number of guest homes that provide economical lodging are situated close to Trivandrum Zoo. Sreekumar’s Residency, Parthasarathy Villa, and Hotel Shree Krishna are a few well-liked choices.

Homestays: Guests who want to get a taste of the native way of life might choose this option. Near the Trivandrum Zoo, there are a number of homestays that provide cozy lodging and traditional Kerala cuisine. Thamburu Homestay, Coco Homestay, and Green Woods Homestay are a few well-liked choices.

Resorts: Visitors can choose from resorts close to Trivandrum Zoo if they want to stay in a tranquil and opulent setting. Uday Suites, Windsor Rajadhani, and The Travancore Heritage are a few well-liked choices.


What time does the Trivandrum Zoo open?
From Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:15 pm, the zoo is open. Mondays are a holiday.

What is the Trivandrum Zoo’s admission price?
Adult admission is Rs. 50, while child admission costs Rs. 25. Each foreign visitor must pay Rs. 200.

Is it permitted to take photos in the Trivandrum Zoo?
In the zoo, photography is permitted, although there is a cost of Rs. 20 for still cameras and Rs. 200 for video cameras.

Does the Trivandrum Zoo have parking facilities?
At the Trivandrum Zoo, parking is indeed provided.

Is the Trivandrum Zoo wheelchair accessible?
The zoo is indeed accessible to people in wheelchairs, and there are ramps and elevators at their disposal.

Is it permitted to bring food into the Trivandrum Zoo?
No, guests are not permitted to carry food into the zoo, however there are a number of food vendors and eateries on-site.

Are there any limits on what visitors to Trivandrum Zoo may bring in?
Yes, guests aren’t allowed to bring anything into the zoo that can hurt the animals, including plastic bags, balloons, and other objects.

Does the Trivandrum Zoo host any animal performances or other events?
Yes, the Trivandrum Zoo hosts a variety of animal presentations and activities including feeding lion-tailed macaques, riding elephants, and bird viewing.

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