Tasgaon Sangli Maharashtra: Best Time to Visit

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, in the Sangli district, is the town of Tasgaon. It is noted for producing grapes, sugar cane, and turmeric and is located on the banks of the River Krishna.

The Gondhalenagar Fort, Sangameshwar Temple, Dattatreya Temple, and other historical attractions are only a few of the town’s many religious and cultural landmarks.

The Tasgaon Sangeet Mahotsav, a yearly cultural event, draws music lovers from all over the nation to the city of Tasgaon. Major cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Kolhapur are easily accessible from the town by road and train.

How to Reach Tasgaon

Major cities in Maharashtra and neighbouring states may be reached easily by road and train from Tasgaon. Here are various methods for getting to Tasgaon:

By Air: Kolhapur Airport, located 68 km from Tasgaon, is the closest airport. To get to Tasgaon from the airport, use a bus or a cab.

By Train: Tasgaon is well-connected to major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, and Sangli thanks to its own railway station. From these cities, you may take a train to Tasgaon.

By Road: Tasgaon is well-connected to important Maharashtra cities by road. Tasgaon may be reached by bus or cab from Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, or Sangli. Pune and Tasgaon are separated by a distance of roughly 215 kilometres, whereas Mumbai is about 347 km away.

Before making travel arrangements to Tasgaon, I would advise you to confirm the timetables and availability of available transportation.

Best Time to Visit Tasgaon

The ideal months to visit Tasgaon are November through February because of the mild and agreeable weather. These months are good for touring and outdoor activities because the temperature varies from 12°C to 28°C.

Tasgaon Sangli Maharashtra
Tasgaon Ganpati mandir

From March to May, Tasgaon has hot, muggy summers with temperatures between 25°C and 40°C. The area has moderate to high rainfall from June through September during the monsoon season. It is not suggested to travel to Tasgaon during the monsoon season because of the risk of flooding and landslides brought on by the heavy rains.

In general, the winter is the ideal time of year to travel to Tasgaon, especially if you want to visit the town’s historical and cultural attractions, sample the regional food, and attend the Tasgaon Sangeet Mahotsav, a well-known music festival that is held in December.

Neared Places

Tasgaon is a town in Maharashtra’s Sangli district that is surrounded by a number of noteworthy tourist attractions. You can explore some of the following locations that are close to Tasgaon:

PlaceDistance (in km)Direction from Tasgaon
Tasgaon Road38North-West
Kavathe Mahankal40South-East

Stay Option

There are a few lodging alternatives in Tasgaon that may accommodate various spending limits and tastes. Here are some of the well-liked lodging choices in Tasgaon:

Hotel Gokul: Budget Hotel Hotel Gokul is situated in the centre of Tasgaon. It has cosy accommodations and standard conveniences including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and room service.

Shri Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism: On the outskirts of Tasgaon, there is a well-known guesthouse option called Shri Samarth Krupa Agro Tourism. Visitors may engage in activities like farming, birding, and fishing in this serene and beautiful setting.

Hotel Anugrah: Located in Tasgaon, Hotel Anugrah is a mid-range hotel that provides cosy accommodations, a restaurant, and other standard facilities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and room service.

OYO Rooms: A handful of the well-known cheap hotel company OYO Rooms’ establishments are located in Tasgaon. They provide cosy lodging, fundamental conveniences, and reasonable prices.

These are only a few of the several places to stay that are offered in Tasgaon. Booking your lodging in advance is advised, especially during the busiest times of the year or during important occasions like the Tasgaon Sangeet Mahotsav.


Here are some Tasgaon-related questions that people regularly ask:

Where is Tasgaon located?Tasgaon is located in the Sangli district of Maharashtra, India.
What is the population of Tasgaon?As per the latest data, the population of Tasgaon is estimated to be around [population number].
What are the nearby tourist attractions?Some of the nearby tourist attractions include [list of attractions].
How do I reach Tasgaon?Tasgaon is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest railway station is [station name] and the nearest airport is [airport name].
What are the main festivals celebrated in Tasgaon?Some of the main festivals celebrated in Tasgaon include [list of festivals].
Are there any hotels or accommodations in Tasgaon?Yes, Tasgaon has various hotels and accommodations to suit different budgets.
What are the major industries in Tasgaon?Tasgaon is known for [list of major industries/activities].
What is the climate like in Tasgaon?Tasgaon has a [type of climate] climate, with [description of weather conditions].
Are there any educational institutions in Tasgaon?Yes, Tasgaon has [list of educational institutions].
What are the local languages spoken in Tasgaon?The local languages spoken in Tasgaon are [list of languages].

Bandra fort Mumbai
tirupati balaji temple

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