Soochipara Waterfalls: Location,Accessibility, Best Time to Visit

Soochipara Waterfalls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is a mesmerizing natural wonder nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of the Wayanad district in Kerala, India. With its breathtaking cascades, lush green surroundings, and serene ambiance, Soochipara Waterfalls has become a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. In this article, we will delve into the beauty, significance, accessibility, and unique experiences that Soochipara Waterfalls has to offer.


As you stand at the edge of the dense forest, you hear the distant roar of water echoing through the air. The anticipation builds as you make your way toward Soochipara Waterfalls, ready to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of nature’s raw power and beauty.

Overview of Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls is a three-tiered cascade situated on the Chaliyar River in the Vellarimala mountain range of the Western Ghats. The name “Soochipara” translates to “needle rock” in the local language, Malayalam, and aptly describes the needle-like rock formations surrounding the falls. The water plummets from a height of about 200 feet, creating a captivating display of cascading water that glistens in the sunlight.

Historical Significance

Apart from its natural allure, Soochipara Waterfalls holds historical significance in the folklore and culture of the region. The waterfall is believed to have been a hideout for the freedom fighter Veerappan, who sought refuge in the dense forests surrounding the falls during his notorious escapades.

Geographical Location and Accessibility

Located approximately 13 kilometers from the town of Meppadi, Soochipara Waterfalls is easily accessible by road. The nearest major city is Calicut, which is around 90 kilometers away. Visitors can hire taxis or use public transportation to reach the falls. A short trek through the picturesque tea estates and dense forests awaits those who wish to witness the cascades up close.

Natural Beauty and Surroundings

As you approach the falls, the enchanting beauty of the surroundings unfolds. The dense evergreen forests, teeming with a rich variety of flora and fauna, create a mystical atmosphere. The lush greenery provides a soothing contrast to the sparkling white water, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Adventure Activities

For adventurous souls, Soochipara Waterfalls offers an array of thrilling activities. Trekking enthusiasts can embark on exhilarating trails that lead to the falls, immersing themselves in the pristine wilderness. Rock climbing and rappelling are popular adventure sports conducted near the waterfall, providing an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience.

Photography Opportunities

Photographers and nature enthusiasts will find Soochipara Waterfalls a paradise for capturing stunning visuals. The dramatic backdrop of the cascades, framed by the lush greenery, presents endless possibilities for capturing the essence of nature’s beauty through the lens.

Soochipara Waterfalls
Soochipara Waterfalls

How to Reach Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is a captivating natural attraction located in Wayanad district, Kerala, India. To reach this scenic destination, you can follow the steps below:

By Air: The nearest airport to Soochipara Waterfalls is Calicut International Airport, which is well-connected to major cities in India and abroad. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Wayanad.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Soochipara Waterfalls is Kozhikode (Calicut) Railway Station. It is well-connected to various cities in India. Once you reach the railway station, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Wayanad.

By Road: Wayanad district has good road connectivity, making it easily accessible by road. You can opt for either private or public transport to reach Soochipara Waterfalls.

From Calicut: If you are starting from Calicut, you can take the NH766 highway towards Kalpetta, which is the major town in Wayanad. From Kalpetta, follow the signs directing you toward Meppadi. Soochipara Waterfalls is located approximately 13 kilometers from Meppadi, and you can reach there by driving through scenic routes.

From Bangalore: If you are coming from Bangalore, you can take the NH275 highway towards Mysore. From Mysore, continue on the NH766 highway towards Sultan Bathery in Wayanad. Once you reach Sultan Bathery, follow the directions to reach Meppadi and then proceed to Soochipara Waterfalls.

Local Transportation: After reaching Meppadi, you will find parking facilities available near the waterfall. From there, you can either trek or take a jeep ride to reach the entrance of Soochipara Waterfalls. The trek through the lush green tea estates and forests is a delightful experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Best Time to Visit

While Soochipara Waterfalls is enchanting throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the post-monsoon season from October to February. During this time, the water flow is at its peak, creating a captivating sight. The weather is pleasant, and the surroundings are vibrant with the colors of blooming flowers and lush vegetation.

Safety Measures and Precautions

Visitors are advised to follow safety guidelines while exploring Soochipara Waterfalls. Swimming in the plunge pool is strictly prohibited due to strong currents. It is important to stay on designated paths, wear appropriate footwear, and carry sufficient drinking water. The rocks near the falls can be slippery, so caution should be exercised to prevent accidents.

Nearby Attractions

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Local Culture and Cuisine

Immersing oneself in the local culture is an integral part of the Soochipara experience. The indigenous tribal communities, such as the Kurichiyas and Paniyas, reside in the surrounding villages, showcasing their rich heritage and traditions. Indulging in the local cuisine, which includes delicacies like Malabar biryani, appam, and karimeen fry, offers a tantalizing culinary journey.

Accommodation Options

To make the most of your visit to Soochipara Waterfalls, various accommodation options are available nearby, ranging from budget-friendly homestays to luxurious resorts. These establishments provide comfortable lodging and warm hospitality, ensuring a memorable stay amidst nature’s tranquility.

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

Preserving the pristine beauty of Soochipara Waterfalls is of utmost importance. Local authorities and environmental organizations are actively involved in conservation efforts, focusing on maintaining the ecological balance and promoting sustainable tourism practices. Visitors are encouraged to be responsible tourists by not littering and respecting the natural surroundings.


Soochipara Waterfalls beckons travelers with its enchanting cascades, lush green landscapes, and adventure-filled experiences. Whether you seek solace in nature, wish to embark on thrilling treks, or capture the perfect photograph, this natural wonder has something to offer for everyone. Soochipara Waterfalls is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty that exists in our world, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its splendor and create memories that last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is swimming allowed in Soochipara Waterfalls?

No, swimming is strictly prohibited in Soochipara Waterfalls due to strong currents and safety concerns.

How far is Soochipara Waterfalls from Calicut?

Soochipara Waterfalls is approximately 90 kilometers away from Calicut, the nearest major city.

Are there any adventure activities available near the falls?

Yes, visitors can engage in activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling near Soochipara Waterfalls.

What is the best time to visit Soochipara Waterfalls?

The post-monsoon season from October to February is considered the best time to visit Soochipara Waterfalls.

Are there accommodation options available near Soochipara Waterfalls?

Yes, there are several accommodation options available nearby, including homestays and resorts, catering to different budgets and preferences.

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