Rankala Lake: A Perfect Getaway for a Relaxing Weekend”

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the city of Kolhapur contains the historic lake known as Rankala Lake. One of the city’s most well-liked tourist destinations is the lake, which is thought to have been constructed in the 19th century.

The lake is surrounded by rich vegetation and has a surface area of around 40 acres, making it an attractive location for tourists. The area around the lake is ideal for a relaxed day out because it has a garden, a jogging path, and many booths providing street cuisine.

Due to the numerous temples that are close to the lake, including the Rankala Devi Temple, which is devoted to the Hindu deity Rankala, Rankala Lake is also well recognized for its religious significance. The lake is a center of activity in Kolhapur since it is used for several cultural and social activities throughout the year.

Rankala Lake is a must-see location for everyone traveling to Kolhapur, whether it be for its scenic appeal, historical significance, or cultural activities.

How to reach Rankala Lake

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, Kolhapur is home to Rankala Lake. The lake can be reached in a number of ways depending on your mode of transportation.

By Air: The Kolhapur Airport, which is around 9 kilometers from the city center, is the closest airport to Kolhapur. To get to Rankala Lake from the airport, take a bus or a taxi.

By Train: The closest train station to Rankala Lake is Kolhapur Railway Station. Major Indian cities including Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore are easily accessible from the train station. You can take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to get to the lake from the railroad station.

By Road: Kolhapur has good access to major cities in Maharashtra and its bordering states via the road network. To go to Kolhapur, you can either take a bus or hail a cab. Once in Kolhapur, you can take an auto-rickshaw, cab, or local bus to the city’s center to get to Rankala Lake.

Overall, regardless of your mode of transportation, getting to Rankala Lake is rather simple.

Best time to visit Rankala Lake

The winter season, which lasts from November to February, is the greatest time to visit Rankala Lake because of the beautiful weather and moderate temperatures. The ideal temperature for sightseeing and outdoor activities is between 10°C and 25°C at this period.

Rankala Lake

A nice time to visit Rankala Lake is during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. At this time, the lake is full of water and the surrounding vegetation is at its lushest. Heavy rain, however, may be inconvenient and interfere with outdoor activities.

Rankala Lake

With temperatures ranging from 25°C to 38°C, the summer months of March through May can be warm and muggy. Even while it may be hard for tourists to spend time outside due to the intense heat, the lake may still be a great place to cool down at night.


BoatingEnjoy boating in the serene waters of the lake. Pedal boats and motor boats are available for rent.
Bird watchingThe lake is a natural habitat for a variety of migratory and local birds. Bird-watching can be a delightful experience here.
PicnicThe lake has several picnic spots with benches and tables. Pack some snacks and enjoy a relaxing picnic with family and friends.
Nature walkThe lake is surrounded by lush greenery, and a nature walk can be a refreshing experience.
PhotographyThe scenic beauty of the lake makes it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts. Capture the beautiful landscape and birds in their natural habitat.
FishingFishing is allowed in the lake, and visitors can enjoy catching and releasing fish.
JoggingThe lake has a jogging track that runs along its perimeter. Joggers can enjoy a workout while enjoying the beautiful view of the lake.
CyclingBicycles can be rented at the lake, and visitors can enjoy cycling around the lake on a designated track.
YogaThe serene environment of the lake makes it an ideal spot for yoga enthusiasts to practice their routine.
MeditationThe calming atmosphere of the lake can be conducive to meditation and mindfulness practices.

Neared place in Rankala Lake 

In the center of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, sits Rankala Lake. Near the lake, there are a number of worthwhile destinations to explore, including:

Mahalaxmi Temple – About 4 kilometers from Rankala Lake is this well-known Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Mahalaxmi. It is one of the most well-known temples in the area and draws a lot of tourists and worshippers all year long.

New Palace Museum: For those who enjoy history and art, the New Palace Museum, which is roughly 2.5 kilometers from Rankala Lake, is a must-see. It contains a magnificent collection of relics, weaponry, paintings, and other objects connected to Kolhapur’s past.

Shalini Palace: Another well-liked tourist destination is the Shalini Palace, a medieval palace that is around 3 kilometers from Rankala Lake. It was constructed in the first decade of the 20th century and is currently a hotel. The palace’s beautiful architecture can be admired while guests dine in the hotel restaurant.

Jyotiba Temple: This well-known Hindu temple honors the god Jyotiba and is situated around 20 kilometers from Rankala Lake. It is situated on a hill and provides breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys nearby.

Bandra Fort Mumbai
tirupati balaji temple

Stay option in Rankala Lake 

From fancy hotels to affordable guesthouses, Kolhapur offers a variety of lodging choices close to Rankala Lake. Popular lodging choices near Rankala Lake include the following:

One mile from Rankala Lake, the 3-star Hotel Maratha Regency provides cozy accommodations and contemporary conveniences.

About 2 kilometers away from Rankala Lake, Hotel Panchshil is an inexpensive lodging option with tidy rooms and few amenities.

Rankala Lake is around 4 miles from Hotel Opal, a 4-star establishment with opulent accommodations and contemporary conveniences.

The Pavillion Hotel is a 3-star hotel with nice accommodations and contemporary amenities that are situated around 2.5 km from Rankala Lake.

About 3 km away from Rankala Lake, Hotel Tourist is an inexpensive lodging option with tidy rooms and the necessities.

Additionally, there are a number of homestays and guesthouses in and near Rankala Lake that provide guests with a more individualized and cozy experience.


Sure, here are some Rankala Lake-related questions that people usually ask:

What is Rankala Lake’s history?
The Chhatrapati of Kolhapur is thought to have ruled during the 19th century when Rankala Lake is thought to have been constructed. The lake was created to supply water to the city and was given the name Rankabhairav in honor of the god who is credited with blessing its creation.

Is swimming in Rankala Lake safe?
It is not advised to swim in Rankala Lake since the water quality could be unsafe and unhealthy. Visitors can also partake in a variety of other sports, such as boating and jogging.

What times can you visit Rankala Lake?
Rankala Lake is open all day for guests, however, it is advised to go during the day when it is safer and busier.

Do you have to pay to enter Rankala Lake?
No, there isn’t a cost to enter Rankala Lake. However, other activities, like boating, could have a fee.

Are there any dining options close to Rankala Lake?
Yes, there are a number of eateries and food stands serving a range of regional and local cuisines close to Rankala Lake.

Is Rankala Lake accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, Rankala Lake is accessible to tourists with disabilities and has ramps and other features for their comfort.

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