Nanemachi Waterfall Trek: Complete Guide 2023

nanemachi waterfall trek: It might be an adventurous and thrilling experience to hike to Nanemachi waterfall during the rainy season, but it’s also crucial to take the required safety measures.

Before starting your walk, have the following advice in mind:

Check the weather forecast: Before beginning your walk, it’s crucial to monitor the weather. The hike might become more difficult and dangerous due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. It’s recommended to postpone the hike if the weather outlook is poor.

Dress appropriately: Put on breathable, lightweight, and comfortable clothes. Cotton clothes should be avoided since it takes a while to dry and might be unpleasant. To avoid slipping and sliding on the slick ground, wear supportive, waterproof shoes.

Carry the necessities: Bring water, food, and a first-aid kit with you. Bring extra water with you to ensure that you keep hydrated throughout the trip. You can replenish your energy with snacks.

Follow the trail: Don’t stray from the marked path and refrain from cutting corners. Going off the route might increase your chance of getting lost or hurt since the rainy season can make the terrain slick and treacherous.

Trek with respect and take care not to injure any plants or animals. Carry your garbage back with you to avoid leaving rubbish behind. Stay away from any harmful creatures and keep an eye out for snakes and insects.

It might be an exciting and lovely experience to hike to Nanemachi waterfall during the rainy season, but it’s vital to be alert and ready for the difficulties that may arise. Have a fun and safe trek!

The Enchanting Nanemachi Waterfall

The Location and Access

Nanemachi Waterfall is situated in the northeastern region of the country, hidden away from bustling city life. The nearest town to Nanemachi is around 50 miles away, making it a peaceful retreat for trekkers seeking solace in nature’s lap. To access the starting point of the trek, adventurers must embark on an awe-inspiring drive through winding roads and scenic valleys.

The History of Nanemachi Waterfall

The history of Nanemachi Waterfall is steeped in local folklore and legends. The locals believe that the waterfall is a sacred place, blessed by the spirits of their ancestors. Ancient rituals and traditions are still observed during certain times of the year, adding to the spiritual significance of the trek.

Preparing for the Trek

Essential Gear and Equipment

As with any adventurous trek, being well-prepared is crucial. Proper trekking gear, including sturdy hiking boots, waterproof clothing, and a reliable backpack, are essential for a comfortable journey.

Physical Fitness and Health Considerations

The Nanemachi Waterfall trek is of moderate difficulty, and participants should have a reasonable level of physical fitness. Engaging in regular exercise and preparing the body for the trek is highly recommended. Additionally, trekkers must consider health precautions and consult a doctor before embarking on the journey.

The Nanemachi Waterfall Trekking Route

Scenic Views and Breathtaking Landscapes

The trekking route to Nanemachi Waterfall offers an array of stunning views. Trekkers are treated to panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks, dense forests, and glistening rivers along the way. The journey itself becomes a feast for the eyes.

Wildlife Encounters

Nanemachi’s vicinity is rich in biodiversity, and trekkers often encounter unique flora and fauna during the trek. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting rare avian species, while lucky adventurers might even catch a glimpse of elusive wildlife like mountain goats and foxes.

Safety Tips and Guidelines

While the trek promises adventure, safety is paramount. Trekkers must adhere to the guidance of experienced local guides and follow safety protocols at all times. It’s essential to respect the wilderness and leave no trace behind.

The Cultural Significance of Nanemachi

Beyond its natural beauty, Nanemachi holds deep cultural significance. The village is home to warm-hearted locals, who are always eager to share stories about their heritage, customs, and traditional way of life. Engaging with the locals adds a layer of richness to the trekking experience.

Capturing Memories: Photography Tips

For photography enthusiasts, Nanemachi offers countless opportunities to capture stunning shots of cascading waterfalls, pristine landscapes, and candid moments with the locals. Remember to respect the privacy of the community and seek permission before photographing individuals.

How to reach the Nanemachi waterfall trek

You can take these steps to get to the Nanemachi waterfall trek:

The Malshej Ghat area of Maharashtra, India, is where you can find the Nanemachi waterfall walk. Mumbai is the closest large city and is around 120 kilometres distant.

To go to Malshej Ghat from Mumbai, you may either take a bus or a train. From Mumbai to Malshej Ghat, there are frequent state buses that run.

As an alternative, you can take a train from Mumbai to the stations in Kalyan or Kasara, which are the closest to Malshej Ghat. To get to the trek’s starting location from there, use a bus or a cab.

nanemachi waterfall trek

You may either hire a local guide or take the trek to the Nanemachi waterfall after you get at Malshej Ghat. The journey to the waterfall takes two to three hours and entails traversing steep ground and streams.

The roads leading to Malshej Ghat and the trekking path can be congested and twisting, therefore it’s recommended to hire a knowledgeable driver to transport you through the area.

Last but not least, it is advised to check the weather prediction before setting out on your trip, particularly during the monsoon season when heavy rain can make the roads and trekking trails hazardous and difficult.

You may reach the Nanemachi waterfall walk safely and take in the area’s beautiful splendour by following these instructions and taking the appropriate safety precautions.

Best time to visit the Nanemachi waterfall trek

In Maharashtra, India, the monsoon season, which normally lasts from June to September, is the ideal time to explore the Nanemachi waterfall walk. The waterfall is in its full splendour at this time, and the surrounding lush vegetation and picturesque sights provide for an unforgettable trekking experience.

But, it’s vital to keep in mind that the walk can become difficult and dangerous during the monsoon season owing to heavy rain and slick terrain. As a result, it’s crucial to observe safety precautions and precautions while hiking during this season.

nanemachi waterfall trek

The winter months of November to February also offer great weather and clear sky, making them an excellent time for trekking if you’d rather avoid the rainy season. The waterfall might not, however, be at its height at this time.

Generally, your personal tastes and the type of trekking experience you’re searching for will determine the optimum time to visit the Nanemachi waterfall hike. But, the monsoon season is without a doubt the most favoured time to go and see the waterfall in all its splendour.

Nearest place to the Nanemachi waterfall trek

You may visit a number of locations close to the Nanemachi waterfall walk, including:

Malshej Ghat: Malshej Ghat is a well-known hill town close to the Nanemachi waterfall trekking route. The area includes waterfalls, several hiking paths, and picturesque vistas of the Western Ghats.

Harishchandragad Fort: Harishchandragad Fort is a well-known hiking location and is close to Malshej Ghat. The fort is renowned for its historic caverns and temples and provides breathtaking views of the valleys and hills in the area.

Shivneri Fort: The Nanemachi waterfall walk is about 50 kilometres from Shivneri Fort, which is situated in Junnar. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born at the fort, which is now a well-liked tourist site.

Bhimashankar Temple: Around 70 kilometres from Nanemachi Waterfall Trek, in the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, is a well-known temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The area is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and plenty of hiking routes.

Ozar and Lenyadri Caves are two well-known cave temples close to Junnar, around 50 kilometres from the Nanemachi waterfall walk. The art and architecture seen in the caverns date back thousands of years.

You may visit and explore some of the closest locations to the Nanemachi waterfall walk while you are in the area.

Stay option Nanemachi waterfall trek

Depending on your interests and budget, there are a number of lodging alternatives close to the Nanemachi waterfall walk that you may select from. Popular places to stay include:

Resorts and hotels: There are a number of resorts and hotels close to Malshej Ghat that provide cosy accommodations and contemporary facilities. Saj by the Lake, Anandvan Resort, and MTDC Resort are a few of the well-liked choices.

Homestays: Staying at a homestay is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of the local way of life and hospitality while being close to the outdoors. Along the Nanemachi waterfall trekking trail, there are a number of homestays that provide basic amenities and home-cooked meals.

Campgrounds: Around the Nanemachi waterfall walk, camping is a favourite pastime, and there are a number of campgrounds that provide tents and other camping amenities. Camp Deogadh, Bhandardara Lakeside Campground, and Pawna Lake Campground are a few of the well-known campgrounds.

Guesthouses: For travellers on a tight budget, guesthouses are an excellent alternative. At Malshej Ghat, there are a number of guesthouses that provide simple amenities and tidy rooms.

To avoid any last-minute headaches, it is advised to make your hotel reservations in advance, especially during the busiest months.

Questions concerning the Nanemachi Falls

These are a few Nanemachi waterfall-related questions that are undoubtedly commonly asked:

How challenging is the walk to Nanemachi Falls?

There are several steep inclines and uneven ground on the fairly challenging hike to Nanemachi waterfall. To finish the walk, you need to be somewhat fit and strong.

How long does it take to reach Nanemachi waterfall after starting the trek?

Depending on your speed and degree of fitness, the hike to Nanemachi waterfall often takes two to three hours.

Is it safe to go to Nanemachi Falls in the rainy season?

During the monsoon season, trekking to Nanemachi waterfall can be difficult and dangerous owing to high rainfall and slick terrain. During hiking during this season, it’s crucial to take the required measures and adhere to safety regulations.

Is there a cost to enter Nanemachi Falls?

No admission charge is required to view Nanemachi Waterfall. The local government could levy a small fee for trekking, though, if you go during the rainy season.

Is swimming in the Nanemachi waterfall possible?

Nanemachi waterfall’s strong currents and slick rocks make swimming there unwise. It’s important to use caution and stay away from the waterfall’s edge.

Exist any amenities close to Nanemachi Waterfall?

A modest parking lot and a few food vendors offering snacks and beverages are among the few facilities close to Nanemachi waterfall. Bringing your own food and water is advised for hiking to the waterfall.

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