Maredumilli: Best Time To Visit

Maredumilli: In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district is a little village called Maredumilli. The Eastern Ghats, which are famed for their beautiful beauty and abundant biodiversity, are where the settlement is located. Maredumilli is well-known throughout the nation for drawing visitors with its waterfalls, deep forests, and hiking routes.

Several rare and endangered kinds of plants and animals can be found in the Maredumilli Forest area of the Papikonda National Park. Moreover, there are coffee and spice plantations in the region. In addition to participating in outdoor pursuits like bird watching, hiking, and camping, visitors to Maredumilli can also learn about the local way of life.

The Rampa Waterfalls, Amruthadhara Waterfalls, and Jalatarangini Waterfalls are a few of Maredumilli’s well-known tourist destinations. The village’s traditional bamboo crafts are very well-known, and they make for interesting gifts to bring home.


How to reach Maredumilli

The adjacent towns and cities can be reached by car to get to Maredumilli. These are some methods for getting to Maredumilli:

By air: Rajahmundry Airport, located around 80 kilometers from Maredumilli, is the closest airport. To get to Maredumilli from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.

By train: Rajahmundry, which is well-connected to important Indian cities, is the station that is closest to Maredumilli. You can take a bus or a taxi to go to Maredumilli from the railway station.

By bus: Maredumilli has good road access, and a number of public and private buses run from adjacent towns and cities like Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam, and Hyderabad. To get to Maredumilli, you can alternatively take a taxi from one of these cities.

By car: Maredumilli may be accessed by taking the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam highway. The route provides beautiful views of the Eastern Ghats and is well-maintained.

Once you get to Maredumilli, you have the option of going on foot or by taking an auto-rickshaw or local taxi to tour the hamlet and its surroundings.

Best time to visit Maredumilli 

Maredumilli is best visited from July to September, which is the monsoon season. It is a stunning sight to witness at this time of year because the forests are lush and green and the waterfalls are flowing at their maximum capacity. This time of year also has good weather, with mild temperatures and sporadic rain showers.

But you may also go to Maredumilli in the winter, which lasts from November to February if you prefer a drier climate. The mild weather and less dense woodlands at this time of year make it simpler to see wildlife and engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping.

The best time to avoid going to Maredumilli is from March to June, when the summertime temperatures can reach up to 40°C, making it uncomfortable to be outside. During this period, the forests may also be dry and prone to flames.


Neared place in Maredumilli

While you are at Maredumilli, you can visit a number of neighboring locations. Among them are:

Bhadrachalam: Around 60 kilometers away from Maredumilli is the temple town of Bhadrachalam. It is well-known for housing the Lord Rama temple known as Sri Sitaramachandra Swami. The temple is a well-known destination for pilgrims and is situated on the banks of the Godavari River.

Papikondalu: A beautiful hill range called Papikondalu is roughly 70 kilometers from Maredumilli. It is famed for its beautiful scenery and waterfalls and is located on the banks of the Godavari River.

Rajahmundry: A significant city called Rajahmundry is roughly 80 kilometers away from Maredumilli. It is renowned for its extensive cultural legacy and historic locations, including the Kambala Park and Sir Arthur Cotton Museum. From Rajahmundry, you may also enjoy a boat ride on the Godavari River.

Araku Valley: Around 200 kilometers from Maredumilli is the highland town of Araku Valley. It is renowned for its waterfalls, coffee plantations, and scenic beauty. The Araku Valley Railway offers train rides so that you can take in the stunning scenery.

Kakinada: Around 110 kilometers separate from Maredumilli from the coastal town of Kakinada. It is renowned for having stunning beaches, including Hope Island and Uppada Beach. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to several animal and bird species, is another place you can go.

Stay option

A variety of lodging choices are available in Maredumilli to accommodate various spending limits and tastes. Here are a few of the preferred places to stay in Maredumilli:

Government Guest Houses: Maredumilli is home to a number of government-run guest homes that provide excellent and economical lodging. Papi Hills Guest House, Haritha Jungle Star Resort, and Haritha Valley Resort are a few of the well-known ones.

Private Resorts: Maredumilli is home to a number of exclusive resorts that provide comfort and elegance in a picturesque setting. Popular examples include Bamboo Nest, Maredumilli Bamboo Resorts, and Jungle Star Nature Camp.

Homestays: At Maredumilli, you have the option of choosing a homestay if you want a more genuine and local experience. There are many homestays that provide cozy lodging and home-cooked food. Satya’s Nest, Dindi Nest Homestay, and Ravi’s Nest are a few of the well-known ones.

Camps & Tents: Maredumilli offers a variety of camps and tents for people who enjoy the outdoors and camping. Papikondalu Camps, Jungle Camps, and Riverside Camping are a few of the well-known ones.

To minimize any trouble, it is advised to make your hotel reservations in advance, especially during the busiest times of the year.


Faq in maredumilli

What time of year is ideal for visiting Maredumilli?

Ans: From July to September, the monsoon season is the ideal time to visit Maredumilli. But you can also go there from November to February, which is the winter season.

What Maredumilli tourist sites are the most well-known?

Ans: The Maredumilli Wildlife Sanctuary, tribal communities, and waterfalls are a few of the area’s most well-known tourist attractions.

Where do I find Maredumilli?

Answer: You can travel by plane, rail, and road to get to Maredumilli. Rajahmundry Airport and Rajahmundry Railway Station are the closest airports and railway stations, respectively.

What kind of lodging is available in Maredumilli?

Ans: Maredumilli provides a variety of lodging choices, including government guest houses, exclusive resorts, homestays, and campgrounds.

What outdoor pursuits are available to me in Maredumilli?

Ans: In Maredumilli, you can engage in outdoor activities including hiking, camping, bird watching, and exploring the forests and waterfalls.

Exist any limitations to entering Maredumilli Nature Sanctuary?

Indeed, a permit from the forest department is necessary to enter the Maredumilli Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, access is limited throughout some months of the year to safeguard the species and its habitat.

Is traveling to Maredumilli secure?

Absolutely, travelers can travel safely to Maredumilli. While exploring the outdoors, it is advised to exercise the required caution and adhere to safety regulations.

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