Mangeshi Temple: Famous, History, Best Time To Visit

Mangeshi Temple: Hindu temple  Mangeshi Temple is situated in the village of Mangeshi in the Ponda taluk of Goa, India. It is devoted to Lord Shiva and is regarded as one of Goa’s most notable and significant temples.

The temple has a long history, and it is thought that it was first constructed in the 16th century. The temple, however, was destroyed by the Portuguese conquest in the 17th century and later reconstructed in the 18th.

The Mangeshi Temple’s construction is a fusion of Hindu and Portuguese traditions, and the complex includes a major temple, a lovely tank, as well as numerous other smaller temples and shrines. The three-story main temple has a tower that is prominently formed like a dome and is called a shikhara. It is embellished with elaborate carvings and sculptures.

Why Famous

The Mangeshi Temple is well-known for a number of things. First of all, it is devoted to Lord Shiva, one of Hinduism’s most respected deities. Many people think that by going to the temple and praying to Lord Shiva, they can receive blessings, find tranquility, and prosper.

Second, the temple is one of the most significant and well-known in the state of Goa and has a lengthy history. The current building was restored in the 18th century after the ancient temple was destroyed by the Portuguese. The first temple was constructed in the 16th century.

Thirdly, the Mangeshi Temple’s architecture is a stunning fusion of Hindu and Portuguese elements. The temple’s shikhara, or dome-shaped tower, is a stunning sight to behold and is covered with elaborate carvings and sculptures.


The history of the Mangeshi Temple is extensive and fascinating, going back many centuries. Local stories claim that a wealthy trader named Shri Damodar Naik, a follower of Lord Shiva constructed the temple in the early 16th century. Lord Shiva, often referred to as Lord Mangesh, was the subject of the temple’s dedication.

Goa was governed by the Bijapur Sultanate in the middle of the 16th century. However, the Portuguese took control of Goa in 1565 and began evangelizing the area. During this time, the original Mangeshi Temple was one of many Hindu temples that were destroyed.

Later, Shahu Raje of Satara, a Maratha monarch, had it renovated in the 18th century. The temple was rebuilt in the characteristic Goan Hindu architecture, complete with a mandapa or assembly hall and a tower with a dome shape called a shikhara. Several minor shrines and temples were also added to the compound around this time, further enlarging the temple.

How to reach Mangeshi Temple

By Air: The closest airport to the Mangeshi Temple is Goa International Airport, popularly referred to as Dabolim Airport. It is roughly 32 kilometers from the temple. You can take a bus or a cab from the airport to go to the temple.

By Train: Madgaon Junction, which is around 20 kilometers from the Mangeshi Temple, is the closest railway station. You can get to the temple via bus or cab from the railroad station.

By bus: The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) runs buses to the Mangeshi Temple from major towns and cities in Goa. To go to the temple, take a bus from Panaji, Margao, or Ponda.

By Car: If you’re driving, you can use the NH 748 highway, which runs from Panaji to Belgaum, and then take a side road to the Mangeshi Temple.

The temple is next to the Mangeshi Spring and is conveniently located off the main road once you arrive in Mangeshi town.

Best time to visit Mangeshi Temple

Winter, from November to February, is the ideal time to visit the Mangeshi Temple. Goa experiences lovely and cozy weather during this time of year, with mild breezes and bright days. As a result, it’s the ideal time to go sightseeing and visit temples like the Mangeshi Temple.

The temple is also less crowded in the winter, which makes it simpler to tour the grounds and make your prayers in a calm and serene environment.

However, if you want to attend the temple’s yearly festival, the Mangeshi Jatra, you need to schedule your trip for February or March. It is a unique and colorful experience to observe this event, which is celebrated by the local population with tremendous fervor and dedication.

Mangeshi Temple

Neared place Mangeshi Temple

The Mangeshi Temple in Goa is close to a number of interesting locations. Here are a few of the well-known ones:

Shantadurga: The goddess of peace and tranquillity, Shantadurga, is honored in the Shantadurga Temple, which is around 5 kilometers from the Mangeshi Temple. It is one of Goa’s biggest and most well-known temples.

Sahakari Spice Farm: The Sahakari Spice Farm is a well-liked tourist destination in Goa and is situated around 7 miles from the Mangeshi Temple. You can have a guided tour of the vast spice plantation and discover the many spices and herbs growing there.

Old Goa: The former capital of Portuguese India, Old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is situated around 15 kilometers from the Mangeshi Temple. The Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Se Cathedral are only two of the spectacular churches and cathedrals that can be found there.

Dudhsagar Falls: The spectacular Dudhsagar Falls, which are around 50 kilometers from the Mangeshi Temple, drop down from a height of 310 meters. It is one of India’s tallest waterfalls and a well-liked spot for hiking and tourists.

Stay option

From cheap motels to opulent resorts, there are several places to stay close to the Mangeshi Temple in Goa. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Mangeshi Valley Resort: This resort, which is only a short distance from the Mangeshi Temple, features cozy accommodations with modern conveniences, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving Goan and Indian food.

The Fern Kadamba Hotel and Spa: The Fern Kadamba Hotel and Spa is an eco-friendly hotel with contemporary rooms and suites, a swimming pool, a spa, and a restaurant serving both Indian and international cuisine. It is situated about 6 kilometers from the temple.

Farmagudi Residency: This inexpensive hotel, which is about 8 kilometers from the temple, provides simple but clean rooms with basic amenities, a restaurant serving Goan and Indian food, and a travel desk to help with sightseeing and travel plans.

Vivanta Goa, Panaji: About 20 kilometers from the temple, the Vivanta Goa, Panaji offers spacious and opulent rooms and suites, a swimming pool, a spa, and a number of restaurants serving both foreign and Indian cuisine.

Depending on your interests and budget, Goa also offers popular beach resorts, guesthouses, and homestays.


What is the dress code to visit the Mangeshi Temple?

Ans: Visitors are expected to dress modestly and conservatively while visiting the temple. Shorts, skirts, and sleeveless tops are not allowed inside the temple premises. Visitors are also expected to remove their shoes before entering the temple.

What are the timings for visiting the Mangeshi Temple?

Ans: The temple is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.

Is photography allowed inside the temple?

Ans: Photography is not allowed inside the temple. However, visitors can take photos of the temple’s exterior and the surrounding area.

What is the significance of the Mangeshi Temple?

Ans: The Mangeshi Temple is a significant Hindu temple in Goa and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest and most revered temples in the state and is an important pilgrimage site for devotees.

What is the best time to visit the Mangeshi Temple?

Ans: The best time to visit the temple is during the winter months, from November to February when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are less.

Are there any restaurants near the temple?

Ans: Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes located near the temple, serving Goan and Indian cuisine.

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