Maihar Mata temple: History, the best time to visit

Maihar Mata temple: In Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, India, there is a revered Hindu temple called Maihar Mata Temple. It is devoted to Sharda Devi, also known as Maihar Mata or Goddess Sharda. The temple is perched atop Trikuta, a hill that rises to a height of roughly 1,048 feet. Visitors to the temple come to ask the goddess for blessings and to pray to her. The calm environment and stunning architecture of the temple complex are well renowned.

History of Maihar mata temple

Mythology and legend are deeply ingrained in the history of Maihar Mata Temple. The temple is claimed to have been built by Lord Rama while he was in exile, according to popular mythology. It is thought that Lord Rama traveled to the Maihar hill and offered adoration to the deity there.

The tale of Goddess Sati’s jewelry is another noteworthy tradition connected to the temple. It is said that Sati’s necklace fell at the site of Maihar as Lord Shiva was carrying her burned body. Later, the temple was constructed to worship the goddess, and this location was designated as a sacred one.

The temple rose to prominence historically in the 10th century under the rule of the Kalchuri dynasty. The Maihar kings were devoted followers of Goddess Sharda, and they significantly influenced the growth and support of the temple. The development of the temple was also aided over time by numerous monarchs and rulers from various dynasties, such as the Scindias of Gwalior and the Baghela dynasty of Rewa.

The architecture of the Maihar Mata temple

The design of Maihar Mata Temple is an example of how different architectural influences and styles can coexist. The Trikuta hilltop location of the temple complex offers pilgrims a picturesque and tranquil setting.

The temple’s main entrance has a large, elaborate entryway with well-carved ornamentation. As you enter the complex, you’ll notice a number of smaller shrines to various gods, along with a variety of statues and idols.

The primary temple is distinguished by its North Indian architectural design. It has a multi-tiered spire (shikhara) that rises conspicuously into the sky and is made of stone. Intricate carvings and sculptures of gods, goddesses, and scenes from mythology adorn the shikhara.

The Maihar Mata or Goddess Sharda idol is kept in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. The black stone idol has eight arms that are seen clutching various symbols and weapons. It is thought to be a self-manifested idol known as a swayambhu.

The temple’s interior is embellished with vibrant paintings and murals that represent legendary tales and celestial figures. Beautiful carvings and sculptures that adorn the walls and ceilings enhance the temple’s artistic appeal.

The temple complex also consists of a number of other buildings, including prayer rooms, gathering halls, and devotee lodging. The temple’s surroundings provide sweeping views over the region’s landscapes and the city of Maihar.

Overall, the design of Maihar Mata Temple shows a rich cultural and artistic legacy by fusing regional influences with features of ancient Indian temple architecture. For believers and visitors alike, the detailed carvings, complex sculptures, and tranquil surroundings create a spiritually uplifting ambiance.

How to reach Maihar Mata temple 

In Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, India, there is a temple dedicated to Maihar Mata. Here are some methods to go to the temple:

By Air: Jabalpur Airport, located around 156 kilometers from Maihar, is the closest airport. To get to Maihar from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.

By Train: Maihar has a railway station that is easily accessible from other major Indian cities. There are frequent train connections to Maihar from places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi. You can hire a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw from the railway station to go to the temple.

By Road: Maihar is easily accessible by bus or private automobile because of its good road connectivity. Maihar is easily accessible because of National Highway 30, which runs through the town. Jabalpur, Satna, and Rewa, as well as other adjacent cities, have regular bus routes. You can also rent cabs and taxis for a more pleasant ride.

The temple is on top of Trikuta Hill once you arrive at Maihar. To get to the temple, you can either walk up the stairs or use a cable car. Visitors frequently use the cable car service as it offers a quick and beautiful way to get to the site.

The current transit alternatives and schedules should be checked because they could change.

Best time to visit Maihar Mata temple 

The winter season, from November to February, is the ideal time to visit Maihar Mata Temple. Temperatures during this time range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius (50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit), which is nice. Devotees can comfortably visit the temple complex and ascend the Trikuta hill due to the cooler temperatures.

In India, winter is also regarded as an ideal period for pilgrimage, and numerous religious celebrations and festivals take place during this time. When holidays like Sharad Purnima and Navratri occur, the temple experiences a greater influx of worshippers.

The fact that Maihar has hot, muggy summers with highs of 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) should be noted. Heavy rains are brought to the area during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. The weather might not be optimal for going to the temple during these times of the year.

Maihar mata temple
Maihar mata temple

Neared place Maihar Mata temple 

In Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, India, there is a temple dedicated to Maihar Mata. Here are a few neighboring locations you might think about visiting:

Bandhavgarh National Park: Bandhavgarh National Park is about 110 kilometers away from Maihar and is renowned for its diverse fauna, which includes Royal Bengal Tigers. It is a well-liked vacation spot for nature lovers and provides safaris to experience the park’s varied flora and fauna.

Khajuraho Temples: The Khajuraho Temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located around 180 kilometers from Maihar. They are renowned for their magnificent and intricately carved temple architecture. The temples have outstanding sculptures and works of art that portray diverse facets of life, love, and spirituality.

Jabalpur: A significant city in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is situated about 160 kilometers from Maihar. It is well-known for places to visit such as the Madan Mahal Fort, Dhuandhar Waterfall, and Bhedaghat Marble Rocks. Additionally, you can go to the well-known Chausath Yogini Temple, which is devoted to the 64 Yogini deities.

Rewa: Rewa is renowned for its historical and cultural value, and it is located around 55 kilometers from Maihar. The renowned Rewa Fort, which provides sweeping views of the region, is located in the city. In Rewa, you can also go to the White Tiger Safari and the Govindgarh Palace.

These are just a few recommendations for locations you might want to see while you’re close to Maihar Mata Temple. You can choose a location based on your interests and available time because each one has its own distinctive attractions and experiences.

Stay option Maihar Mata temple 

For those interested in lodging alternatives close to the Maihar Mata Temple,  Maihar has a selection. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Hotels and Resorts: There are numerous hotels and resorts in and near Maihar that may accommodate various spending plans and tastes. These lodgings have cozy rooms, conveniences like Wi-Fi, room service, and on-site dining. Hotel Sakshi, Hotel Shreeji, and Hotel Kundan Plaza are a few of Maihar’s well-known lodging options.

Dharamshalas and Guesthouses: If you’re seeking for more affordable lodging choices, there are guesthouses and dharamshalas (pilgrim guesthouses) close to the temple. These lodgings have few amenities and are frequently managed by trusts or religious organizations. For pilgrims and devotees, they offer a convenient lodging choice.

Ashrams and Spiritual Retreats: Maihar is home to a few ashrams and retreats that provide lodging for those wanting a quiet and contemplative vacation. These locations frequently offer a calm environment, meditation facilities, and the chance to engage in spiritual activities.

To guarantee availability, it is advised to make reservations in advance, especially during popular times or events. For more information and assistance in locating suitable lodging options in Maihar, you can consult internet travel directories or get in touch with the neighborhood tourist information office.


What is the significance of Maihar Mata Temple?

Maihar Mata Temple is dedicated to Goddess Sharda, also known as Maihar Mata or Sharda Devi. The temple holds great religious and spiritual significance for devotees who visit to seek blessings and offer prayers to the goddess.

How old is the Maihar Mata Temple?

The exact age of the temple is uncertain, but its history and legends date back centuries. It is believed to have been established by Lord Rama during his exile period.

How can I reach Maihar Mata Temple?

Maihar is well-connected by air, rail, and road. The nearest airport is Jabalpur Airport, and the town has its own railway station. National Highway 30 passes through Maihar, making it accessible by road. From the town, you can climb the Trikuta hill on foot or take a cable car to reach the temple.

Are there any festivals celebrated at Maihar Mata Temple?

Yes, several festivals are celebrated at Maihar Mata Temple. Navratri, which spans nine nights, is a significant festival when the temple witnesses a large number of devotees. Sharad Purnima is another important festival celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Can I take photographs inside the temple?

Photography is generally allowed inside the temple complex, but it’s advised to be respectful and follow any specific guidelines or restrictions provided by the temple authorities.

Are there any accommodation options near the temple?

Yes, there are hotels, resorts, Dharamshala, guesthouses, and ashrams available in and around Maihar for visitors to stay. These accommodations cater to different budgets and preferences.

Is there an entry fee to visit the temple?

No, there is no entry fee to visit the temple. However, there might be charges for additional services or facilities such as cable car rides or specific ceremonies.

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