Kondagattu Temple: History, Timing, How to Reach, Best Time to Visit

Kondagattu Temple: The famous Hindu temple Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is situated in Jagitial district’s Kondagattu village in the Indian state of Telangana. The Lord Hanuman-dedicated temple is perched atop a hill in a lovely setting. The Kakatiya dynasty is thought to have ruled when the temple was constructed.

A shepherd child is said to have found a stone statue of Lord Hanuman on the hill and then established a tiny shrine there. The shrine was built up and transformed into the current temple throughout time.

The temple is well-known for its distinctive architecture and draws numerous worshipers from all around the nation. Hanuman Jayanti, an annual event held at the temple, is a significant draw and brings a large number of worshippers to the shrine.

The temple complex contains a number of shrines in addition to the main temple honoring Lord Hanuman, including those honoring Lord Shiva, Goddess Saraswati, and Lord Venkateswara.

History of Kondagattu Temple

It is said that the Kakatiya dynasty, which dominated the area in the 12th and 13th centuries, is where Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple’s history begins. Folklore in the area claims that a shepherd lad who found a stone statue of Lord Hanuman on the hill where the current temple is located was the one who erected the temple. The youngster erected a modest shrine there, which over time rose in size and significance.

Kondagattu Temple

The Kondagattu Temple underwent several modifications and additions throughout the years, with the help of various kings and followers. The neighborhood zamindar, Linga Reddy, restored the temple in the 19th century and created a road to the mountaintop for easy access.

The temple had yet another renovation at the beginning of the 20th century, at which time additional buildings and idols were added. A new temple complex was built and contemporary facilities were included as part of the temple’s extensive refurbishment in 2006.

Thousands of pilgrims visit Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple each year, making it one of Telangana’s most well-known pilgrimage sites. The temple is a significant cultural and historical monument as well as a place of worship, representing the region’s rich legacy.

Timing in Kondagattu Temple 

Every day of the week, tourists are welcome to visit the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple. The following are the temple hours:

5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Without a break
from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

It is best to clarify the hours with the temple administration in advance because the timings of the temple may vary during festivals and other special occasions.

It’s significant to note that the continuing COVID-19 outbreak may result in certain limitations at the Kondagattu Temple. Visitors are recommended to adhere to all the rules and regulations established by the temple administration and the local government, including donning masks, keeping a safe distance from others, and using hand sanitizer.

How to reach Kondagattu temple

The Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is situated in the Jagitial district’s Kondagattu village in the Telangana state of India. Here are different methods for getting to the temple:

By Road: The temple has good access to local towns and cities including Karimnagar, Hyderabad, and Warangal, and buses and taxis are readily accessible from these locations.

By Train: Kazipet, which is around 100 kilometers from the temple, is home to the closest train station. Visitors can take a cab or a bus to the temple from the station.

By Air: Hyderabad, which is 180 kilometers from the temple, is the closest airport. Visitors can take a bus or a cab from the airport to get to the temple.

By Private Vehicle: Visitors who own private automobiles can also travel to the temple. There is parking available for guests at the temple.

After arriving at Kondagattu hamlet, you must ascend the hill to the temple. Visitors can choose to walk up the well-maintained road to the temple or hire a local jeep or auto-rickshaw to get there.

Best time to visit Kondagattu temple 

The winter season, which lasts from October to March, is the ideal time to visit Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple since it is mild and warm. This is the perfect time to tour the temple and its surroundings because the weather is pleasant and the humidity is low.

Kondagattu Temple

Visitors could also think about stopping by the temple during the holiday season, particularly during the festival of Hanuman Jayanti, which is celebrated there with tremendous zeal and intensity. Visitors get a rare opportunity to experience the rich cultural legacy of the area during this time when the temple is exquisitely decorated and a number of cultural activities and events are held.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the temple might get crowded during busy times and festivals, so visitors should make appropriate plans and if at all possible, avoid weekends and holidays. Additionally, during busy periods, especially during the hours for darshan, tourists should be prepared for lengthy lines and waits.

Nearest Places to Kondagattu Temple

When visiting Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, guests may explore a number of neighboring locations. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Dharmapuri: About 30 kilometers away from the temple lies the ancient town of Dharmapuri, which is well-known for its several temples, including the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple and the Sri Kasi Visweswara Temple.

Basar: The Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple, one of the two temples devoted to the goddess of learning, is located in Basar, a pilgrimage center about 60 kilometers from the temple.

Manthani: The Sri Manthani Someswara Swamy Temple, an ancient Shiva temple, is located in Manthani, a tiny town around 50 kilometers from the temple.

Kaleshwaram: A sacred town called Kaleshwaram is situated at the meeting point of the Godavari and Pranahita rivers, roughly 70 kilometers from the temple. The Sri Trilinga Kaleshwara Temple and the Sri Kaleshwara Muktheshwara Swamy Temple are two of the town’s many historic temples.

Karimnagar: About 35 kilometers from the temple, in the busy city of Karimnagar, which is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and historic sites like the Elgandal Fort and the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

Lal Mahal Temple
bhadraj temple

Stay Option Near Kondagattu Temple 

Visitors looking for somewhere to stay close to Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple have a variety of choices. Here are a few well-liked choices:

The government-run Kondagattu Haritha Hotel offers cozy, reasonably priced rooms with standard facilities adjacent to the shrine.

The Sri Satya Sai Lodge offers clean, cozy rooms with connected bathrooms in a convenient location close to the temple.

Sri Sai Lodge: Another reasonably priced lodging option close to the temple is Sri Sai Lodge, which provides tidy, roomy rooms with the essentials.

Hotel Swetha Residency: About 30 kilometers from the temple lies the mid-range Hotel Swetha Residency, which features cozy rooms with contemporary conveniences and services including a restaurant and round-the-clock front desk service.

Srinivasa Residency: A second mid-range hotel, Hotel Srinivasa Residency, is about 35 kilometers from the temple and has cozy rooms with contemporary conveniences as well as services including a restaurant, bar, and round-the-clock front desk service.

To avoid any last-minute headaches, it is suggested to make your hotel reservations in advance, especially during busy times and festivals.


What role does Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple play?
Popular Hindu pilgrimage destination Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman. It is said that a trip to the temple can aid followers in resolving their issues and realizing their desires.

What are the Kondagattu Temple darshan hours?
The temple is accessible for darshan every day from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Is there a charge to enter the Kondagattu Temple?
No, there isn’t a charge to enter the temple.

Which time of year is ideal for visiting Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple?
Winter, from October to March, is the greatest season to visit the temple since the temperature is mild and agreeable.

Are there any tourist destinations nearby?
The Elgandal Fort in Karimnagar, the Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple in Basar, and the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple in Dharmapuri are just a few of the surrounding sights to check out.

Are there any lodging options close to the temple?
Yes, there are a number of lodging choices close to the temple, including moderately priced hotels and lodges.

Is it permitted to take photos inside the temple grounds?
No, taking pictures inside the temple grounds is not permitted.

Is there parking accessible close to the temple?
Yes, there is a parking lot for guests at the temple.

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