“Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari: Activities, Best Time to Visit

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a well-liked tourist excursion is the Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari. A little village called Kolukkumalai is situated in the Western Ghats at a height of 7,130 feet above sea level. In order to get to the mountain’s summit, where you can see for miles around the hills and valleys, the jeep safari takes you down a twisting, uneven path.

The base camp in Suryanelli, which is around 32 kilometers from Munnar in Kerala, is where the safari normally begins. You will then be taken in a vehicle to the mountain’s summit from there. The trip is roughly an hour and a half long and may be fairly bumpy and exciting.

When you get to the top, you may take in the stunning views while sipping freshly brewed tea and touring the tea factory and plantations. You can also go to the Shola forests to see the distinctive local wildlife and vegetation.

Due to the rugged terrain, it is vital to mention that the Jeep safari is not suggested for anyone with heart disease, back problems, or pregnant women. It’s also a good idea to pack enough water and food for the trip, as well as wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

The Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari is an exciting and unforgettable adventure that enables you to enjoy the wonders of nature and the labour-intensive process that goes into making tea in the area.

Activities (Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari)

For travelers’ enjoyment, the Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari offers a variety of activities. Among the well-liked pursuits are:

  • Jeep ride: The jeep ride itself is a thrilling experience because the road up the mountain is twisty and uneven. It leads you past waterfalls, Shola forests, and verdant tea plantations.
  • Tea plantation tour: When you get to the top, you can visit the tea plantations and discover how tea is made. You can observe the collection, preparation, and packaging of the tea leaves. Also, you can sample several tea flavors and purchase them as mementos.
  • Visit the tea factory to examine the equipment used in the preparation of the tea. From withering through packing, you can learn about the numerous steps in the production of tea.
  • Trekking: Kolukkumalai provides an opportunity for trekking for those who enjoy adventure. Trekking in the Shola forests allows you to take in the Western Ghats’ breathtaking scenery.
  • Camping: To take advantage of the quiet ambiance and starry nights, you can also tent at Kolukkumalai. The travel companies can arrange for camping tents.
  • Bird watching: You might notice several bird species in the area when hiking or camping.
  • Photography: For those who enjoy taking photos of nature, Kolukkumalai’s picturesque splendor provides good chances.
  • Visit neighboring landmarks like the Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi Mountain, and Eravikulam National Park for sightseeing.

Among the things you can do on the Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari are these.

How to Reach Kolukkumalai

You must first travel to the base camp in Suryanelli, which is situated in the Indian state of Kerala, in order to access the Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari.

  • Via Air: Cochin International Airport, which is around 110 kilometers from Suryanelli, is the closest airport. To get to Suryanelli from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.
  • By Train: Aluva, which is located roughly 100 kilometers from Suryanelli, is the closest train station. You can take a bus or a taxi to go to Suryanelli from the train station.
  • By Road: Suryanelli has excellent road connectivity. To go to Suryanelli, take a bus from one of the major cities in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, or Karnataka. To get to Suryanelli, you can alternatively take a taxi or drive yourself.

To get to Kolukkumalai, you can arrange a vehicle safari after you get to Suryanelli. The majority of tour companies provide jeep safari packages that include drinks, a guide, and transportation. To avoid any last-minute issues, it is suggested to make the trip reservations in advance.

Best time to visit Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari

September to May is the ideal season to explore Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari. The skies are clear, the temperature is pleasant, and the neighboring hills and valleys can be seen in all their beauty during this time. This time of year has temperatures that are suitable for outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping, and jeep safari, ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Yet it’s vital to remember that Kolukkumalai gets a lot of rain from June to August because of the monsoon season. Jeep safaris are dangerous because of the possibility of slick roads and reduced vision from the fog. It is therefore advised to stay away from Kolukkumalai during the monsoon season.

Visiting Kolukkumalai during the winter months of December through February can also be beneficial. This time of year can experience temperatures as low as 5°C, which is perfect for camping and sipping hot tea by the fire. Yet because it can get fairly frigid, it’s crucial to pack warm clothing.

Photos of Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari
Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari

Nearest Places

On the boundary of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, in the Western Ghats, is where you can find Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari. While traveling to Kolukkumalai, you can stop at a number of neighboring locations. Popular locations nearby include:

  • Munnar: Munnar, a well-known hill resort in Kerala, is around 32 kilometers from Suryanelli. It is renowned for its waterfalls, waterfall plantations, and scenic splendor. When in Munnar, you can go to places like the Mattupetty Dam, Eravikulam National Park, and the Tea Museum.
  • A natural sanctuary called Thekkady is roughly 110 kilometers away from Suryanelli. While visiting Thekkady, you can go on a jungle safari, go hiking, or go boating. It is recognized for its diverse flora and animals.
  • In Tamil Nadu, 165 kilometers from Suryanelli, is a highland station called Kodaikanal. It is renowned for its beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and tranquil ambiance. When in Kodaikanal, you can go to places like Bryant Park, Coaker’s Walk, and Kodaikanal Lake.
  • Madurai: Around 135 kilometers away from Suryanelli is the medieval city of Madurai. It is renowned for its historical architecture, culture, and temples. When in Madurai, you can go to sights like the Gandhi Memorial Museum, the Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, and the Meenakshi Amman Temple.

While traveling to Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari, you may want to stop at some of the following local locations.

Stay option

Depending on your interests and budget, there are a number of lodging options close to Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari that you may take into consideration. Popular places to stay include:

Tent camping: Around Kolukkumalai, a lot of travel companies provide packages that include tents, sleeping bags, dinners, and bonfires. For individuals who enjoy adventure and wish to get close to nature, this is a terrific choice.

Homestays: There are a number of homestays in and near Suryanelli that provide guests with a cosy and comfortable stay. Common homestay facilities include tidy accommodations, hot water, and freshly prepared meals.

Resorts: Kolukkumalai is close to a number of resorts that provide opulent lodging choices. Resorts typically provide amenities like a spa, a swimming pool, and indoor games in addition to cozy accommodations and delectable cuisine.

Guesthouses: Suryanelli is home to a number of guesthouses that provide affordable lodging alternatives. Guesthouses typically provide tidy accommodations, minimal comforts, and home-cooked meals.

To avoid any last-minute issues, it is suggested to make your reservations well in advance, especially during the busiest travel period.

FAQ About Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari

Yes, I can answer some of your Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari-related questions:

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari: What is it?

A well-liked adventure activity in the Western Ghats is the Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari, where visitors ride in a vehicle across the rocky terrain and steep slopes of Kolukkumalai. The safari offers a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding hills and valleys as it leads travelers past picturesque tea farms, rivers, and valleys.

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari’s duration is how long?

The Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari’s duration is determined by the package you select. Depending on the distance traveled and the number of stops made along the way, it might take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day.

Are Kolukkumalai Jeep Safaris safe to take?

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari is generally safe, however, it’s crucial to abide by the warnings that the driver or guide gives. It’s also a good idea to bring enough water and sunscreen, wear solid, comfy shoes, and dress comfortably.

What time of year is ideal for Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari?

September to May, when the weather is beautiful and the skies are clear, is the ideal time to go on a Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari. The monsoon season, which lasts from June to August, is not advised due to the possibility of slick roads and reduced visibility caused by fog.

Does Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari have an age limit?

Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari does not have an age restriction, although it is best to check with the tour operator before making a reservation for the safari. The safari may not be recommended for old people with health concerns or children under a specific age, depending on the operator.

Is Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari required to be reserved in advance?

Certainly, especially during the busiest travel season, it is preferable to reserve a Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari in advance. You can book through travel agencies, hotels, or the majority of tour providers’ websites.

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