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in the Indian state of West Bengal Purba Medinipur district is the town of Kolaghat. It is notable for its thermal power station and the Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant and is located on the banks of the Rupnarayan River. In addition to being connected by road and rail to the neighboring cities of Haldia and Kharagpur, the town is situated along National Highway 16, which runs between Kolkata and Chennai.

The delicious “Kolaghat Pati,” a confection comprised of khoya, sugar, and flour, is a specialty of Kolaghat. The town is also home to the well-known Kolaghat Kali Temple, which attracts a lot of pilgrims each year.

How to Reach Kolaghat 

The Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, India, is where Kolaghat is situated. Here are various options for getting to Kolaghat:

Via air: Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is around 70 kilometers from Kolaghat, is the closest airport. To get to Kolaghat from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.

Railway: Major cities like Kolkata, Howrah, and Kharagpur are easily accessible from Kolaghat Railway Station by train. From these cities, a number of trains depart each day for Kolaghat.

By Road: National Highway 16 runs through Kolaghat and links Chennai and Kolkata. Road connections from the town to surrounding towns like Kolkata, Haldia, and Kharagpur are excellent. Kolaghat can be reached from Kolkata by bus or by hiring a taxi.

Nonetheless, Kolaghat’s placement near transportation hubs makes getting there simple and convenient.

Best time to visit Kolaghat 

The winter months of November to February are the ideal time to visit Kolaghat because of the cool, pleasant weather. It is the perfect time for sightseeing and outdoor activities because the temperature during this period ranges from 10°C to 20°C. Because Kolaghat is surrounded by thick vegetation and the Rupnarayan River is in full flow during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, it is also a fantastic time to travel there.


Unfortunately, this season’s abundant rain may make outdoor activities difficult. Visits to Kolaghat during the summer, which lasts from March to May, are not advised because the temperature can soar to 40°C, which is uncomfortable for tourists. Overall, the winter months are the greatest time to visit Kolaghat because the weather is pleasant and great for sightseeing.

Nearest place to Kolaghat 

Here are some of Kolaghat’s nearby tourist attractions:

Haldia: Kolaghat is about 20 kilometers away from Haldia, a significant port city. The town is renowned for its growth in industry and natural beauty.

Raichak: Kolaghat is about 25 kilometers away from the little town of Raichak. It is renowned for its opulent resorts, breathtaking scenery, and the old Fort Raichak.

Mandarmani: About 50 kilometers from Kolaghat is the well-known beach resort of Mandarmani. The beach is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, thrilling water sports, and opulent resorts.

Digha: Around 70 kilometers away from Kolaghat is the well-known coastal town of Digha. The town is renowned for its historical significance, scenic beauty, and beaches.

West Bengal: Kolaghat is around 70 kilometers from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The city is renowned for its extensive history, diverse culture, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Stay option in Kolaghat 

Kolaghat offers a variety of lodging choices to suit a variety of needs and interests. Some of the well-liked choices are as follows:

Kolaghat Thermal Power Guest House: The Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant manages this guest home, which provides cozy lodging at affordable prices.

Hotel Sonar Bangla: A popular hotel with cozy rooms, a restaurant on site, and other features, Hotel Sonar Bangla is situated on National Highway 16.

Vedic Village Spa Resort: A luxurious resort with cozy villas, a spa on site, and other amenities, Vedic Village Spa Resort is around 20 miles from Kolaghat.


The Ganga Kutir Resort & Spa is a second luxury resort with nice accommodations, a spa on-site, and other amenities. It is situated about 25 kilometres from Kolaghat.

Hotel Sea Bird International is a low-cost lodging option with minimal amenities and welcoming accommodations at a reasonable price. It is situated near Haldia, about 20 kilometers from Kolaghat.

Nevertheless, Kolaghat and the surrounding area provide a variety of lodging alternatives, from cheap hotels to upscale resorts, to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

FAQ about kolaghat

Indeed, these Kolaghat-related queries are regularly asked:

What is the renown of Kolaghat?
The Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant and its thermal power station are well known. The Kolaghat Kali Temple and the town’s sweet specialty, “Kolaghat Pati,” are both well-known.

How far away from Kolkata is Kolaghat?
The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, is about 70 kilometers away from Kolaghat.

What are the closest tourist attractions in Kolaghat?
Haldia, Raichak, Mandarmani, Digha, and Kolkata are the locations that are most accessible from Kolaghat.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Kolaghat?
The winter months of November to February are the ideal time to visit Kolaghat because of the cool, pleasant weather.

What are the most well-liked places to stay in Kolaghat?
Kolaghat Thermal Power Guest House, Hotel Sonar Bangla, Vedic Village Spa Resort, Ganga Kutir Resort & Spa, and Hotel Sea Bird International are some of the well-liked lodging choices in Kolaghat.

I hope these are helpful!

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