Gingee Fort: History, Neared Places, Best Time to Visit

The medieval fort is known as Gingee Fort is situated in the Tamil Nadu region of India’s Villupuram district, in the town of Gingee. The Archaeological Survey of India has designated the fort, also known as Senji Fort, as a National Monument.

Three hills make up the Gingee Fort complex: Chandrayandurg to the southeast, Rajagiri to the west, and Krishnagiri to the north. Over the ages, the fort has changed hands several times, passing through the control of the Cholas, the Vijayanagara Empire, the Nayaks, the Marathas, the Mughals, the French, and the British.

A granary, an old hospital, a shrine to the goddess Chenjiamman, a mosque, and other structures are among the fort’s many architectural elements. A few subterranean cells in the fort were thought to have served as jails.

A well-liked tourist site, the Gingee Fort draws travelers from all over the world who are eager to learn more about the fort’s history and architecture.

How to Reach Gingee Fort

The town of Gingee, which is home to Gingee Fort, is 160 km away from Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s capital city. Following are the several ways you may get to Gingee Fort:

By Air: Chennai International Airport, which has good connections to important cities in India and overseas, is the closest airport to Gingee Fort. You may take a bus or a cab from the airport to go to Gingee Fort.

By Train: Villupuram Junction, located around 40 km from Gingee Fort, is the closest railway station. Major Indian cities are well-connected to Villupuram Junction. You may take a cab or a bus to go to Gingee Fort from the railway station.

By bus: Major cities in Tamil Nadu may be reached by driving from Gingee Fort. To go to Gingee Fort, take a bus from Villupuram or Chennai. From Chennai or Villupuram, you may also book private cabs and rental automobiles.

When you get to Gingee town, the fort is roughly 2 km away from the bus stop. To get to the fort, you may either take an auto-rickshaw or walk.

Best time to visit Gingee fort

Between the months of October and March is the ideal time to explore Gingee Fort. The weather is nice and temperate throughout these months, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C, making it the perfect time to go sightseeing and explore the fort.

The region has considerable rainfall from July through September during the monsoon season in Gingee. It is not advised to visit the fort during this period since it is slippery and hard to navigate.

Gingee Fort

The temperature in Gingee may reach 40°C during the summer months of April through June. It is not recommended to visit the fort during the summer because of the heat and humidity.

Gingee Fort

The best time to visit Gingee Fort is often between October and March during the winter when the weather is mild and ideal for outdoor activities.

Neared place in Gingee fort

There are several attractions close to Tamil Nadu’s Gingee Fort, a well-liked tourist site. Here are a few locations you may check out close by:

Arunachaleswarar Temple is one of the biggest temples in India and is situated in the town of Tiruvannamalai, about 50 miles from Gingee Fort. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Pondicherry: About 75 km from Gingee Fort, Pondicherry is a well-liked vacation spot famous for its French-style buildings, beaches, and Aurobindo Ashram.

Mahabalipuram: A UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historic temples and rock-cut caverns, Mahabalipuram is around 110 km from Gingee Fort.

Chennai: Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is around 160 km from Gingee Fort and is well-known for its beaches, temples, museums, and cuisine.

Gingee Hill: In addition to the Gingee Fort, you may tour Gingee Hill, which provides a sweeping perspective of the hills and surrounding area.

Depending on your interests and availability, you may visit a lot of locations close to Gingee Fort.

Stay option

From cheap motels to five-star resorts, there are several places to stay close to Gingee Fort. Here are a few well-liked choices:

lies Hotel Crescent Inn: Located in Gingee town and about two km from the fort lies Hotel Crescent Inn. It has cozy accommodations and standard features like free Wi-Fi, room service, and a restaurant.

GRT Nature Trails: This resort is situated in the village of Yercaud, around 35 km from Gingee Fort. Along with facilities like a swimming pool, spa, and multi-cuisine restaurant, it provides opulent rooms and villas.

RVR Sarovar Portico: This hotel is near the town of Hosur, around 40 km from Gingee Fort. Along with features like a swimming pool, fitness center, and multi-cuisine restaurant, it provides roomy suites and rooms.

The Sterling Yelagiri resort is situated in the town of Yelagiri, around 80 km from Gingee Fort. Along with facilities like a swimming pool, spa, and multi-cuisine restaurant, it provides cosy rooms and cottages.

The Gateway Hotel Pasumalai is a five-star hotel in Madurai, which is 150 miles from Gingee Fort. Along with facilities including a swimming pool, spa, and multi-cuisine restaurant, it provides opulent rooms and suites.

There are many additional lodging choices around Gingee Fort that may be tailored to different budgets and interests; these are just a few of the more well-known ones.


Here are some inquiries concerning Gingee Fort that are commonly asked:

What is Gingee Fort’s history?
The history of Gingee Fort dates back to the ninth century. The Chola, Nayak, and Maratha dynasties were among those that governed it. After being taken over by the British in the 18th century, the fort served as a jail.

What are the opening hours and admission costs at Gingee Fort?
Visitors can visit Gingee Fort daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Indian citizens must pay an admission charge of INR 15 per person, whereas foreigners must pay INR 200 per person. The cost of photography and filming is extra.

What are the primary draws of Gingee Fort?
The Rajagiri Fort, Krishnagiri Fort, and Chandrayandurg Fort are a few of the fort’s key attractions. The Kalyana Mahal, Granary, Venkataramana Temple, and mosque are other points of interest.

What should visitors to Gingee Fort wear?
Although there is no set attire for visiting Gingee Fort, it is advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes because there will be a lot of walking. Additionally advised for sun protection are carrying sunscreen and a hat or scarf.

Can I hire a guide to help me explore Gingee Fort?
Yes, there are advisors that can give details and insights on the fort’s history and architecture accessible at the entrance of Gingee Fort. There is usually a price for the guides, which can be discussed.

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