Ghatarani Waterfall: The Perfect Spot for a Weekend Getaway 2023

In the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, there is a stunning natural waterfall called the Ghatarani waterfall. The waterfall is located close to the Ghatarani village in the Kanker district. It is a well-liked vacation spot that draws many travelers all year long.

The Kharun River, which flows over a rocky landscape and descends from a height of around 100 feet into a natural pool below, creates the Ghatarani waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by verdant trees and picturesque scenery, making it the ideal location for photographers and environment enthusiasts.

Guests can swim in the refreshing pool or simply unwind on the rocks and take in the breathtaking waterfall vista. It’s a terrific place for bird viewing and nature walks because the area around the waterfall is also home to a variety of flora and fauna species.

Overall, the Ghatarani waterfall is a must-see location for anyone traveling to Chhattisgarh and is a wonderful area to relax and take in the natural beauty.

how to reach ghatarani

The Ghatarani waterfall is situated in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district in India. There are a several methods for getting to the Ghatarani waterfall:

Via air: Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, which is 140 km away, is the closest airport to the Ghatarani waterfall. To get to Ghatarani from the airport, use a bus or a taxi.

Ghatarani Waterfall

By train: Kanker Railway Station, which is 35 kilometers from Ghatarani, is the closest railway station. You can take a taxi or a local bus to go to the waterfall from the railroad station.

Via car: Most towns and cities in Chhattisgarh are easily accessible from Ghatarani via road. Regular bus services to Ghatarani are offered from Raipur, Jagdalpur, and other neighboring places. To get to Ghatarani, you can alternatively take a taxi or drive yourself.

After arriving in Ghatarani, you can either hire a local guide to tour the region around the waterfall or just take in the area’s natural beauty.



The best time to visit ghatarani

The months of October through March are the most comfortable and cool for visiting the Ghatarani waterfall. These months have a temperature range of 10 to 25 degrees, which is perfect for outdoor pursuits like hiking, nature hikes, and bird watching.

Ghatarani Waterfall

Visits to the Ghatarani waterfall are also recommended during the monsoon season (June to September), when both the waterfall and the surrounding vegetation are at their best. While arranging a vacation during this period, it is best to check the weather because strong rains might cause landslides and other dangers.

The Ghatarani waterfall should not be visited during the summer (April to May), when temperatures can reach up to 40°C, making outdoor activities uncomfortable. To prevent heatstroke and sunburn, it is advised to bring enough water and sunscreen if you intend to travel during this period.

Activities in Ghatarani

At the Ghatarani waterfall, you can engage in the following activities:

Appreciate the Waterfall: The waterfall itself, which is a stunning sight, is Ghatarani’s main draw. Hours can be spent admiring the waterfall’s magnificence and the surrounding landscape.

Take a Dip: The naturally occurring pool beneath the waterfall is a nice place to cool yourself in the cool water. You can enjoy the special experience of swimming in the middle of nature here, and it is safe to do so.

Trekking: The forests and hills surrounding the Ghatarani waterfall can be explored on one of the several trekking trails nearby. To explore the area and see the wildlife, you can hire a local guide and embark on a trek.

Bird watching: The forests near the Ghatarani waterfall are home to a wide range of bird species, making it a prime location for the activity. Several colorful birds, including kingfishers, hornbills, and parrots, can be seen nearby.

Photography: The breathtaking natural beauty and scenic surroundings of the Ghatarani waterfall make it a photographer’s dream. With your camera, you may capture the waterfalls and the area’s splendor and bring home some unforgettable memories.

Camping: At the Ghatarani waterfall, there are numerous opportunities for camping where you may spend the night under the stars and take in the tranquil surroundings. With friends and family, you can cook over a bonfire and take in the area’s stunning scenery.

places to go nearby for ghatarani

Some of the nearby tourist destinations from Ghatarani are listed below:

Kanker Palace: Kanker Town, which is roughly 35 miles from Ghatarani, is home to the historical palace known as Kanker Palace. The palace is a work of art in terms of architecture and is renowned for its exquisite sculptures, gardens, and fountains.

Bhoramdeo Temple is a stunning Hindu temple that can be seen in Chhattisgarh’s Kawardha district, about 120 kilometers from Ghatarani. For fans of history and art, the temple is a must-visit because of its beautiful carvings and sculptures.

Kanger Valley National Park: Around 70 kilometers from Ghatarani is the wildlife refuge known as Kanger Valley National Park. The park is an excellent site to see exotic birds and take nature walks because it is home to a variety of wildlife species, including tigers, leopards, and bears.

Tirathgarh Waterfall: This stunning waterfall is another one in Ghatarani, around 70 kilometers away. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful green trees and is situated in the Kanger Valley National Park, making it a wonderful destination for anyone who enjoy the outdoors.

Chitrakoot Falls: Chitrakoot Falls, one of India’s most stunning waterfalls, is roughly 200 kilometers from Ghatarani. The waterfall is a well-liked tourist attraction because of its distinctive horseshoe shape and the surrounding thick woodlands.

essential advice for the Ghatarani waterfall

When visiting Ghatarani Falls, bear in mind the following vital advice:

Bring enough food and water because there aren’t many alternatives for either in the area of the falls, so it’s best to bring your own.

Put on comfortable shoes: The area near the waterfall might be slick, therefore it is advised to put on strong, comfy shoes.

The region around the waterfall is bordered by woodlands, which can include insects and mosquitoes. Bring bug repellent. To prevent bug bites, it is advisable to carry insect repellent.

A local guide can help you explore the area and gain a deeper understanding of local culture and customs.

Observe safety precautions: It’s crucial to abide by safety precautions and avoid going into locations that have been designated as dangerous. Avoiding littering and keeping the area clean are also vital.

Carry a first-aid kit: In case of an emergency, it is good to have a first-aid kit on hand that contains the necessary medications, bandages, and ointments.

Respect local traditions and customs: The Ghatarani waterfall is situated in a tribal area, thus it’s crucial to show respect for the regional traditions and customs. Avoid offending the inhabitants’ religious or cultural sensibilities.

You can visit the Ghatarani waterfall safely and with ease by remembering this advice.



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