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Statue of three children

'Glory Window,' Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas, Texas

Love One Another

God in three living Persons,
You challenge us to love one another
as You loved us.

Our lifelong vocation
of service and sacrifice,
honesty and humility.

Teach us to stretch out our hand towards our neighbours
known and unknown,
Breaking down walls
of reticence and pride,
failings and fears,
loneliness and suspicion,
so that we may dimly reflect Your glory.

Working to bind heaven and earth
with strong chains of light and hope.

Striving for the new Jerusalem
where pain and mourning are no more,
and Your radiance shines for all eternity.


~by Isobel~

Holding hands

beam of light


I Came to Serve, by Cyndi Aarrestad,

released under a
Creative Commons Licence

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