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A Prayer for Easter

sun shining from dark sky

Risen Lord,
you have passed through the valley of death
and marked out a joyful path beyond.

When our days are consumed by doubt and guilt;
when our nights are full of tears,
you show by your scars
that you are with us through our pain.

You know the distress we are caused
in our broken world.
Illness and disability;
conflict and disaster;
difficult or failed relationships;
grief and loneliness;
watching loved ones suffer;
the darkness that can overshadow us
for no clear reason.

In the depths of our despair,
show us your transforming love,
which turns pain,
suffering and death on the cross
into a glorious victory.

~ Isobel ~

Cross against sky

'It is Well with My Soul',
by Heidi_E
under a Creative Commons Licence.
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