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Coming Home to God - A Liturgy of Penitence 

outstretched hands
We have said to God –
"Give me what I deserve – what is rightfully mine"
and when He seems to refuse,
we say that He has not answered our prayer.

clasped hands

Yet Jesus says:
"Do not be afraid."
Our Father knows our needs.
It is our Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

person with hands over face
We have said to God –
"I have sinned against You and against heaven.
I no longer deserve
to be called Your son or Your daughter"
and we have not listened to God’s words
of love,
of tenderness,
of forgiveness.

hands touching
Yet Jesus says:
"I did not come into the world to condemn it
but to save it.
Trust in God - and trust in me."

anxious person
We have said to God –
"It is not fair that You treat sinners so well.
Haven’t I served You faithfully all this time?
What have You given to me for my trouble?"

And Jesus says:
"This is my body, given for you;
This is my blood, poured out for you
for the forgiveness of sins.

broken bread
In the name of Jesus who gave his life for us
we ask God to stretch out His arm –
to reach beyond our selfishness,
our desire to live in independence from Him.

To touch and turn our hearts
and feed our yearning to be reconciled to Him.

sleeping baby
The Lord says this,
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you
and called you to be Mine".

hands holding the world
I confess that I have forgotten
the great love that my God and my creator has for me.

I have lived as if I created myself,
forgetful of God's great goodness to me.

I have lived as if God did not know me -
and have chosen to ignore His call.

candle in shadows
The Lord says this,
"My servant will not break the crushed reed
or quench the wavering flame".

anxious woman

I confess that I have not served in the way God asks of His servants.

My words have hurt those already over-burdened;

my lack of kindness and patience has crushed
those whom I should have cherished;

I have put people down, when called to raise them up;

I have ignored the needs of my brothers and sisters
and allowed their light to grow dim through my lack of love.

happy man
The Lord says this,
"I will tell you the truth
and the truth will make you free".

stressed woman
I confess that I have not lived
as a freeborn child of God.

I have clung to the security of money and possessions -
and have become their slave;

I have listened to the voices of the world -
and have let myself be seduced by their empty promises;

I have allowed my addictions to hold me bound.

I have been afraid to stand up for myself,
my values,
my faith.

sad man
When we stand accused
by others
and by ourselves...

man with outstretched arms
... Jesus notices us,
and listens to the accusations -
and then asks who would condemn us.

So we go,
no longer accusing ourselves of sins
that have been forgiven;

nor condemning others for the sins
that God has forgiven them.

light shining on cross
We have seen the love and power of God
who triumphs over the powers of sin and death.

happy running person
We leave behind the things of the past
and look to the future with confidence.

We have not yet won
- we are still running the race -
but we know the prize that awaits us
and we live in joyful hope
as God calls us upwards.

Liturgy © Wellspring

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