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1. Quotations, Images, etc.

i-church members must obey copyright law when posting images, sound recordings, and quotations from others' works etc. In most cases images and including films, videos and photographs, can only be used with the explicit permission of the owners of the copyright. In the cases of written texts only short extracts, of a maximum of 300 words, or one stanza of a poem, may be reproduced, and must contain proper accreditation. Any longer extract requires the explicit permission of the owners of the copyright. For purposes of these rules copyright should be calculated as being 70 years from the end of the year in which the author of the work died. (Note: in a few instances copyright may exist for a much longer period, examples are the King James Bible and the BCP, which are in copyright to the publishers in perpetuity.)

Posts which appear to break copyright law will be removed from the boards instantly i.e. as soon as it is brought to the attention of the moderator, or council member, that a potential infringement has occurred remedial action shall be taken without delay. (This can take the form of hiding the post until the infringement can be verified or cleared.)

2. Members' forum posts

All members retain the copyright on their posts within i-church. By posting, the member gives permission for the post to be stored and displayed within the forum system in perpetuity. What facilities are available for a member to edit or delete his or her own posts is determined by such decisions as the i-church Council may from time to time put in place. By posting in the forum, members also agree to the forum rules, and posts may be deleted or edited by moderators if they contravene (or appear to contravene) those rules.

Nothing produced on any board, on the web site, in the chat rooms, or in any other part of i-church, may be produced outside the environs that constitute i-church, without the specific permission in writing, which may be by electronic mail, of the author.

3. Technical contributions (e.g. programming)

Unless otherwise specifically stated by the contributor, any programming code contributed to i-church becomes copyright i-church. We are very happy for contributions that come as a "package" to be licensed as copyleft or open source.

4. Chat rooms

Chat rooms are intended to be ephemeral means of communication. Transcripts or quotations from the chat rooms can only be published with the explicit permission of every person present in the chat room at that time. However, transcripts may be recorded and shown to i-church pastors, PG Leaders, and trustees, in circumstances where formal complaints are made or breaches of the forum rules are alleged.

(We consider it best practice to check beforehand whether everyone present is happy for a conversation to be transcribed; we also think that transcribing of conversations should be an exception rather than a rule, the equivalent to taking photographs in a Bricks and Mortar church, to record a special event or special visitors to the church. The permission of all present is still required.)

4a. Worship in chapel

Music may be played during "time of divine worship" without any special copyright licence, so we interpret this to mean that music may be used in the live chat chapel services without specific permission being granted, even if that music recording is copyrighted.

5. Website

Any member who publishes an article or other document (or agrees to the publishing of his or her document) on the i-church public website gives permission for the document to be stored and displayed in perpetuity in the i-church website. The member in question retains the copyright on the document while granting these permissions to i-church.

6. Private Messages and emails

Private messages and emails remain the copyright of the author, and may not be posted or published without that person's permission. In case of formal complaint, any PM or email received through i-church may be made available to one or more i-church pastors, PG Leaders, or trustees.

7. Disputes and changes

In case of dispute, a decision may be made by the Web Pastor on the advice of Council concerning the interpretation of this document, without prejudice to the legal situation that actually may pertain. This document itself can be changed and updated by the Web Pastor on the advice of the i-church Council.

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