“Dhak Bahiri: The Ultimate Trekking Challenge in Maharashtra”

India’s Maharashtra state is home to the well-liked hiking route Dhak Bahiri Trek. It is renowned for its treacherous terrain, sheer cliffs, and stunning scenery. The Dhak Bahiri Cave is located at the top of a sheer cliff, and the hike begins in the settlement of Sandoshi.

The journey comprises a challenging ascent and calls for good physical condition and previous trekking expertise. The last trek to the cave requires a difficult climb utilizing a rope and travels through rocky terrain and lush trees. The 2700-foot-high cave provides breathtaking views of the valleys and hills in the area.

The Dhak Bahiri trip is best done between the months of November and February, when the weather is moderate and pleasant. Therefore, it is crucial to check the weather and organize the hike appropriately. Carrying enough food, drink, and warm clothes is also advised because the walk can last up to 6-7 hours.

Overall, the Dhak Bahiri Trek is a thrilling journey for seasoned hikers and provides a distinctive and difficult experience amidst the grandeur of nature.

how to reach dhak bahiri

Sandoshi, a hamlet in India’s Raigad region, serves as the starting point for the Dhak Bahiri Trek. Here is how to get there:

Via Road: Sandoshi has good access to both Mumbai and Pune via the road. From Mumbai or Pune, you may take a bus or rent a cab to go to the base village.

By Train: Karjat, which is situated roughly 30 kilometres away from Sandoshi, is the closest train station. From Mumbai or Pune, you may take a train to Karjat, where you can then take a bus or a cab to get to Sandoshi.

Via air: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which is around 100 kilometers away, is the closest airport to Sandoshi. You may take a bus or a cab from the airport to go to Sandoshi.

You can start the trek to Dhak Bahiri Cave once you arrive in Sandoshi. Hiring a local guide who is knowledgeable with the trekking path and can assist you in navigating the difficult terrain is advised.

The best time to visit dhak bahiri

The winter months from November to February are the ideal time to visit Dhak Bahiri. Trekking is best done during this season because of the warm and nice weather. Trekkers will find the 12 to 25-degree temperature range during this time to be comfortable.

Dhak Bahiri

Nonetheless, it is imperative to check the weather before making the journey arrangements since heavy rains can make the routes slick and hazardous. Also, as the region is vulnerable to landslides and flash floods, it is best to avoid traveling during the monsoon season (June to September).

It can be hot and muggy throughout the summer (March to May), which makes trekking difficult. To avoid the heat, it is suggested that you begin the trek early in the morning if you intend to visit during this time.

In conclusion, November to February is the greatest season to visit Dhak Bahiri since the climate is comfortable and great for hiking.

activities to do at dhak bahiri

A well-liked hiking location in Maharashtra, India, is Dhak Bahiri. In addition to trekking, Dhak Bahiri offers a number of other activities. Here are a few examples:

Rock climbing is quite popular in Dhak Bahiri because of the area’s sheer cliffs and rocky landscape. With the aid of knowledgeable experts, you may try rock climbing if you’re an adventure enthusiast.

Camping: Create a campground close to the base settlement and spend the night surrounded by the beauty of nature. A wonderful way to take in the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys is to go camping.

Photography: Dhak Bahiri is the perfect location for photography since it gives stunning vistas of the Sahyadri range. Throughout your walk, you may photograph some beautiful scenery, wildlife, and plants.

Dhak Bahiri

Bird watching: Many different bird species may be seen in the area surrounding Dhak Bahiri. On your hike, you may go bird watching and see some unusual and exotic species.

Visit Nearby Attractions: Raigad, a region in Maharashtra recognized for its historical and cultural significance, is where Dhak Bahiri is situated. You may go to surrounding sights such Pali Ashtavinayak Temple, Mahad Ganpati Temple, and Raigad Fort.

In conclusion, Dhak Bahiri is a great place for adventure seekers, environment lovers, and history buffs since it provides a variety of activities that appeal to varied interests.

accomondation option

The base hamlet for the Dhak Bahiri trip, Sandoshi, has a limited selection of lodging alternatives. There are, however, a few guest rooms and homestays that provide modest amenities. These are a few places to stay close to Dhak Bahiri:

Samrat Guest House is a modest guest home with dormitory-style lodging and fundamental amenities including toiletries, baths, and beds. It is situated in Sandoshi.

In the adjacent town of Mahad, there is a resort called Hill View Resort that is reasonably priced. It provides standard services including a restaurant, cozy rooms, and hot water.

Homestays: In the adjacent villages, there are a number of homestays where you may stay with a local family and learn about their way of life. These homestays provide basic amenities including tidy rooms, home-cooked meals, and a welcoming environment.

It is suggested to reserve your lodging in advance because, during the busiest times of year, hotel availability may be constrained. You might also bring your camping supplies and set up a campground close to the base settlement.

FAQs on Dhak Bahiri

Indeed, the following concerns are commonly posed regarding Dhak Bahiri:

What is Dhak Bahiri?
The Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra, India, has the high peak known as Dhak Bahiri. It is renowned for its treacherous hiking paths and sheer cliffs.

What is the difficulty level of the Dhak Bahiri trek?
Because to the rocky, steep terrain, the Dhak Bahiri trek is regarded as being challenging. You must be physically fit and have previous hiking experience.

What is the best time to visit Dhak Bahiri?
The ideal months to visit Dhak Bahiri are November through February because of the moderate and beautiful weather. Due to the possibility of landslides and flash floods, it is advised to stay away from the area from June to September during the monsoon season.

What are the essential things to carry while trekking to Dhak Bahiri?
Trekking boots, cozy clothes, a first aid kit, a water bottle, a headlamp, and a backpack are a few necessities to have with you while hiking to Dhak Bahiri.

  Is it safe to trek to Dhak Bahiri?
It might be difficult and takes a high degree of physical condition to trek to Dhak Bahiri. But, if you take the required safety precautions and hire a knowledgeable guide, it is typically regarded as secure.

Can beginners attempt the Dhak Bahiri trek?
The Dhak Bahiri hike may be attempted by novices.
Beginners should avoid the Dhak Bahiri trip owing to its challenging terrain. It demands a high degree of physical fitness and previous trekking expertise.

Exist any lodging choices close to Dhak Bahiri?
The base hamlet for the Dhak Bahiri trip, Sandoshi, has a limited selection of lodging alternatives. Nonetheless, a few guest hotels, homestays, and camping alternatives are accessible in the neighboring communities.

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