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Forum Rules

Post by Caroline » Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:28 pm

In order to make these boards a pleasant and safe place, we ask you to abide by some simple but important rules.

1: Respect the person behind the screen
Treat people as you would wish to be treated - with consideration and respect. Personal attacks are not allowed. If you are attacked, don't post in anger. Contact a host and ask them to deal with it.

2: Respect people's time
The people who post here (including hosts) have other responsibilities and real lives as well - don't expect instant responses.

3: Respect the bandwidth
These forums are free to use but they cost money to run, so use them for the purpose they are set up for. In particular, please note the following points:
  • Don't crusade (post about your favourite cause or topic regardless of the topic of the thread you're on)
  • Don't use the forums to conduct vendettas and feuds with individuals or organisations
  • Don't advertise commercial products
  • Don't post copyright or obscene material
  • Don't post comments which could be seen as libellous or defamatory

4: Respect the hosts
Hosts are here to keep the boards safe and enjoyable. If they ask you to do something, please do it. If you have a problem with the way a host has acted please contact one of the Admins.

5: Respect yourself
Swearing, txt spk and long rambling posts generally don't come across well. Make sure what you write is clear, concise and gives a good impression of you. Please do not allow anyone else to use your account to post - you are responsible for what is posted in your name.

6: Respect other people's privacy
Some people don't mind being known by their real names, others keep their identity in real life private. if you know someone offline, or find out their offline identity, don't disclose it. Don't disclose your own or other people's contact details - you have no idea who might read them.

7: Respect the Christian ethos of the site
Members of all faiths and those with no faith are all welcome here, but remember we are a Christian site. If you don't want to read about Christianity or to hear how Christians think and feel, perhaps i-church is not for you.

8: Respect our rules about identity
Please be aware that the use of pseudonyms does not remove your responsibility for what you post. Webuser magazine recently published legal guidelines for the internet which stated, "If your target is identifiable and what you have written exposes them to 'hatred, ridicule or contempt', hurts their reputation or causes them to be 'shunned or avoided', you could end up in a civil court." You cannot assume that a member is not identifiable simply because they are using a pseudonym.
In addition, please note you are only allowed one identity on this board - sock-puppetry is a serious breach of trust, and will be treated as such.
A fuller explanation of these principles can be seen here: The Core Rules of Netiquette.

9: Research Guidelines
If you wish to conduct any sort of research on the site or with our members you must contact one of the administrators to seek permission and ask for their guidance as to what is acceptable. Any posts regarding research will be removed if this has not been done.

Our Research Policy can be seen here. Please also read our Copyright Information.

10: If in doubt, just ask
If you need to change your user name for any reason, or need any other help or advice on using the i-church websites, please contact an Admin.

11: Forgive one another
Remember we all make mistakes and we all upset other people at times. Arguments and feuds between posters make the forums unpleasant for everyone, so:
  • If what you have said has upset someone, please apologise.
  • If someone says sorry, please accept it.
  • If you are asked to drop an argument, please drop it.
  • If it's not your argument, please don't join in.
  • If you want to conduct a feud with another member, please find somewhere else to do it.
12. Copyright and Diversity
Our terms and conditions regarding copyright and diversity can be seen here.
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