RIP Terry Wogan

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Pam » Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:23 am

Today we heard the sad news of the death of Terry Wogan, whose long career in radio and television broadcasting made him part of many people's lives.

When I used to drive to theological college every morning, I listened to Terry's morning show on Radio 2. He brightened up the journey for me at what was a rather fraught time of my life.

He had his favourite singers, among them Beth Nielsen Chapman, whose song I Find Your Love featured in the film Calendar Girls.

This is a beautiful song - I leave it here for anyone who has been touched by anyone's death, or memories of a loved one, in recent weeks

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Joe Parrish » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:46 am

Peace and blessings,

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Jennifer » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:56 am

Terry Wogan introduced the marvelous singer Eva Cassidy to England, he was a fan of hers;

Rest In Peace Terry Wogan :votive1: :votive1:

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by PHIL_S » Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:41 pm

A great man and a good man. He made Children in need the success it is today and lets not forget the Eurovision song contest. :)

I am sure he will be remembered fondly by many people across a number of generations.

Rest in Peace Terry

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Caroline » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:27 pm

A lovely man. :votive2: :votive2: :votive2:
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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Joyce » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:13 pm

He was very brave, keeping his illness from the public. It comes as a shock to us but in his position, people need their privacy.
So many have gone like that over recent weeks. Few of them will have been such a part of so many lives for so long.
I am reminded of Elisabeth Sladen who kept her cancer a secret from as many as she could, especially the children she worked with, except one producer, recovered, kept working and then took a sudden turn for the worst and died in the middle of a series of The Sarah Jane Adventures and just before a planned recording of the next audio of Dr Who with Tom Baker.
I was talking about it online to Rev Richard Haggis whom many of you know, telling him how her husband and daughter had held back the announcement until after 9pm so that parents could tell their children in the morning and give them a hug. Richard with his typical way of getting to the heart of things said, 'I think it's the parents who'll be needing the hugs.' I start crying at that and I still am. She was my age and her character on TV and radio grew and matured at the same time as my life did, and in some ways even copied it.
(Oh gosh if the rumour that 'Amy' will get married in Sarah Jane's Pyramids of Mars dress is true I'll go into a state of collapse.)
There are people in our lives, some of them real although we may never meet them, some of them fictitious, who come to us via books, radio, films and TV yet are with us for so many years they have a part in shaping us and influencing us at every stage. Dan and Doris Archer were with me from the age of four until I was grown up; their son Phil I knew from when he was a teenager until he died as a granddad, long-retired from Brookfield.
People like these such as Cilla Black, Enid Blyton, Alan Plater, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, P.D.James et al are with us so much that when they go we miss them in some ways as much as a relative. That's because their work does its job. They accompany us on our way to and from school or work, or form a part of our entertainment and leisure lives. They are there when we turn on the radio or pick up a book during crucial times such as births and deaths of family members, illnesses and recoveries, new jobs, exams, and retirements. They weave themselves into our fabric. They are something constant without our being aware of it. I'll be very interested to see Adam Nimmoy's Spockumentary when it comes out. ( For a taster see The Big Bang Theory season 9 ( current series) episode 7 where, as they often do, the producers bring real life people and events into the story.)Adam is researching the effect his father's character Spock had on people's lives. One of my influences was Harriet Vane and another was her inventor the writer and theologian Dorothy l. Sayers.

Terry Wogan on in the morning before work when my first self-contained flat was within walking distance so I used to listen to him before setting out. it's a time I remember of excitement and with happiness. In the mid-seventies he invented a 'posh people's dictionary' and one day the phrase the listeners had to define was 'Common Market'. The winner was, ' Teacher, I've finished my work. Will you common market.'. My year six class had heard it of course and made every excuse to apply it for the best part of a week. And then there was what he'd led us to expect was going to be a touching, appreciative message from some parents somewhere near London to the teachers at the end of a school year, but what Terry read out was,' Wipe that stupid smile off your faces.'
Years later, something the whole country was involved in was the royal wedding of 1981. Terry was supposed to read out a message from the metropolitan police about parking in the capital that day. He 'read', 'Keep your cotton-picking car out of the place !'
In the following century Terry was telling us the acts in The Eurovision Song Contest were 'a tribute to the dentists of Europe' and that when Greece was doing well last year we should see the look of terror on the face of the Greek finance minister. When we checked in two months ago to see how Pudsey was doing we were told Terry Wogan wasn't available because he was otherwise occupied.
Terry was - still is yet - one of those people who form the background to a million or more lives and for the gift of whose own earthly lifetimes we thank God.

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Ernest » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:29 am

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Emle » Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:19 am

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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by Beth » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:44 pm


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RIP Terry Wogan

Post by rolyn » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:30 pm

Lyn and I both enjoyed his Radio Breakfast show before he retired.

:votive1: for Terry W, and maybe for the end of a era as well. :votive2:

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