Sign of the Times extended

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Sign of the Times extended

Post by Ernest » Sun Apr 25, 2021 6:19 am

When we look around our world, we are still seeing huge waves of the Virus. The situation in India in particular is critical, with hundreds of thousands of new Infections being reported daily, severe shortages of medicines and Oxygen and thousands of people dying each day. This situation seems to have arisen after a relatively good progress, by the government allowing huge festivals to be celebrated by millions of people and little or no control of people meeting, particularly for large family gatherings for weddings etc. To late, the government is trying to mitigate, but lacks the resources to do this and their health services are overwhelmed and critical care beds are overflowing and people are dying hourly, waiting for a bed. All we can do is to pray and hope that they can crack down on those meeting, for whatever reason, and allow the situation there to improve.

And in the UK, yesterday, huge crowds in the thousands met in London completely ignoring the remedial measures including bans of large numbers congregating and the basic wearing of masks and social distancing. They were a mixture of anti-vaxers, anti-lockdown types and virus hoax proponents. They have no regard for others, and for purely, mistaken selfish reasons are prepared to risk spreading or acquiring the virus themselves, believing themselves to be in the right and the rest of us are wrong.

The police stood back and let them do exactly what they liked? Perhaps police tactics were a pragmatic decision as they patently would not have been able to accommodate or arrest the numbers involved, but we cannot afford such demonstrations, which are not legal protests against causes which are recognizable as valid, but I wonder if there is actually the political will or resources to stop this happening.

London is a focal point for such demonstrations, and I saw people on social media, urging others to join this demonstration. That is perhaps the place where action is needed. Cracking down on those who spread such posts, encouraging others to meet up regardless of the potential harm to themselves or to others.

Freedom of speech might be a human right, but harming others is not. And, the potential for harm can be demonstrated by what is happening in India and the public demonstrations which took place in Canada and elsewhere yesterday by prominent people, whose sole aim is the disruption of government and to protect their rights at any cost, regardless of the costs of harm to others.

Such actions are criminal and there needs to be action to prevent their recurrence, perhaps starting with the ring leaders of such demonstration being held to account by Government, through the courts. These are not matters of consience, but harmful actions which are unreasonable and harmful. Time for Action not words.

I pray for these misguided people and hope that they come to see the harm that they potentially cause, before the evidence of a resurgence of infections and deaths persuade them of the error of their ways.
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Sign of the Times extended

Post by rogerjames » Sun May 09, 2021 11:40 am

I think that is a wise and important post, Ernest. I am appalled at the wilful risk-taking exhibited by so many people, who could just as easily have said - "I am going to set the bar higher than the advice given for the sake of others, especially those I love."

The virus does what it has to do to survive: infect, multiply, perhaps with a bit of an alteration along the way, and infect again. What do we seem to want to do? Put ourselves at risk by refusing vaccination or ignoring the rules? When the world is still in the grip of the pandemic? What's the logic to that? :disappointed:

Roger James

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