TV Debates

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TV Debates

Post by Ernest » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:47 am

Yet another fractious TV debate yesterday between leaders/Deputies nominated to take part by their absent party leaders. I wonder about the value of this format?

Apart from raising their own personal profile, how much of the content informs us, much of it is simply what might happen, if they win and are able to keep to their manifesto promises.

Frankly, I feel that the period up to an election of four weeks or more is far too long, it allows people to say things to try to convince voters that they are the only party worth voting for, when in my view, a combination of the policies on offer, might need a coalition of parties in power to put them into effect.

I don't like the threats of the SNP to hold a minority government to ransom for another independence referendum nor the outrageous promises on spending from Conservative, Labour or LibDem's, which will put the country into huge debt for generations to come.

And I note that not much is being said about some of the biggest tragedies affecting people such as Social Care, Poverty, particularly in work poverty, the injustice of the Benefits System and Austerity and the need for food banks, which is ever increasing (our local food bank are continually running out due to increasing demand).

Where is the greater good in all of this? Where is the vision for unity, fairness for all and future relations with our European neighbours and the rest of the world.

The rhetoric needs to be cooled down and truthful, honest, realistic promises are needed, not the current bluster and half truths currently on offer.

I continue to pray for a majority government who can at least govern in the interests of the whole of the nation. :minicandle: :minicandle:
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